5 Steps To a Quality Training  Course Experience

Staff trainingDeciding to invest in training courses or coaching is an important decision for you.

If you are the person charged with finding a quality training company, where you want to get value and results for your time and money, we recommend that you take this part of your training search seriously, just as we at do at Zenith Training and Development.

We seek to work with clients who take their management training and their employee training needs further than just filling training days and spending training budgets. We want to explore your real training needs and deliver for you.  That means having a quality conversation with your training provider.  Here are 5 Steps to help you get there.

Step 1: Focus on Your Results

Tell us what results you want from your training course when you contact us. Tell us what will your people need to be doing differently for your business to benefit from your training investment? If we know the result you are looking for, we can work to deliver training that we know you want and will benefit from. Identify and articulate 3-4 outcomes you would like from the training course for your staff.

Step 2: Ask Questions

Asking questions helps you eliminate what you don’t want and helps you focus on your end result. Ask us what is different about the training we offer and what we understand about our courses on management training,sales trainingpresentations and public speaking skills trainingcommunication skills or executive coaching. If you don’t ask, how will you know what you are really getting? We appreciate clients who ask us questions. It shows how committed they are to getting the result they want.

Step 3: Explore your Value Criteria

Explore your idea of value from a training course. Tell us what a quality training course means for you and how you know when you have got good value from your training partner. Tell us what you would love to see in your training courses and what your people would really appreciate. When value is the goal, we can work in that direction.

Step 4: Give us Feedback

Feedback is important to us. It’s the best compass on whether you are getting what you want from the training. Tell us every step of the way, how this is working for you, when you speak to us, when you read our proposals, when you meet us. Let us know if we are really speaking your language and what you need.

Step 5: Get to Know Us

We invite you to get to know us better and what our training company aims to deliver. We offer training courses across a wide spectrum of business needs, whether you want training on your management skills, time management, sales, presentation skills or you need some executive coaching, business coaching or business mentoring, we can help.

Contact us and ask questions. You may find exactly what you need by having that conversations. Meet us before you make a decision to train with us. We want to work with clients who take the time to get to know us. Quality training starts with a quality conversation with your training provider.

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