Attitude is Altitude – Some life coaching tips

“If you think you can, or your think you can’t, you’re probably right” Henry Ford

Our attitude infuses our thoughts and feelings with a way of being, that drives our behaviour and ultimately creates our everyday experience. A change of attitude can have a profound impact on how life shows up for you. It’s all down to you making a decision to show differently today to the way you did yesterday – especially if you didn’t like yesterday! Attitude is a choice, and our invitation to you is to carry a different attitude around with you for the next 90 days and notice the results.

A definition of attitude:  a consistent internal state of being, which affects your choice of action towards people and events in your life. It can affect your judgement and perception of others, influence the efficiency at which you do things, and determine who you attract into your life, how successful you are in your career, and even your outlook on life.

Attitude is something you have to attend to –  all of the time – if you wish to feel more fulfilled in your life. Just like a small child, it needs to be fed, nurtured and given lots of positive, attention, to thrive and grow into a happier, healthier, attitude.

So imagining now the kind attitude that would like to have, is it possible that work and life could be better in that short space of time? Test it out!  Maybe you would approach your work with more appreciation and commitment, nurture yourself better, be more assertive, honest and present in your relationships.  So it’s starts with thinking a certain way, which will then help you feel more positive, which will influence your language and how you behave towards others. People cannot but respond positively to you with a positive, open attitude. It’s been my experience that life gives you back an experience that is consistent with your attitude and beliefs. A positive attitude towards others creates positive relationships and experiences.

The reality is, our attitude travels with us wherever we go. We own it and we are creating our professional and personal experiences with it. So what kind of life do you want to create with your attitude?

Here are a few ideas on building a new attitude:

1.    Carry an attitude of gratitude for all that you already have, this will amplify what you already have in your life. Great lessons in gratitude here.
2.    Work from a place of serving others.
3.    Accept people as they are. People are not their behaviour. They usually do have a positive intention for doing something. How often have you heard   “I was only trying to help.”
4.    Nurture your body, mind and spirit. It affects everything.
5.    Look for 3 positive points in every situation before finding fault
6.    Find a compelling inner motivation for doing this – something that really matters to you
7.    Set this new attitude as your first and only standard
8.    Focus on the small steps daily that indicate that you are changing your attitude
9.    Do some self-to-self comparison, acknowledging how far you have come since yesterday or last week?
10.    Lastly, write a list of actions you will take now to get you there, and, above, all have fun with it!

Zig Ziggler, a world-class motivational speaker  says “Attitude is Altitude”. So how high do you want to go?