Elegant Selling – How do they do that? The profile of an Elegant Sales Person 

Sales Training, Dublin IrelandLooking at a master in any craft, there is always elegance to what they do.  They have moved beyond the science and logic of their craft, into the art and elegance of it, demonstrating a level of mastery that is second nature to them. How much elegance is in your selling now? Would you consider yourself a master at your craft? Do people look to you as a shining example of selling elegance?

How does an elegant sales person look, sound and feel to a customer or prospective employer? This month’s article is an exercise in self-awareness, where you get to notice how much elegance is in your selling, when you meet prospects and work to make the sale, or sell your self to a prospective employer.  I would invite you to consider what you need to do differently to become that elegant sales person.

Selling is a science, and also an art, when well-mastered, gives you the edge over other sales people. Like a martial artist, a sales person, when first attempting to overcome the challenges of learning how to sell, may do it in quite a clumsy fashion, making mistakes and losing sales. But, with time and practice, they become the “master” that everybody wants to be, because of the effortless grace in which they can convince a client of the value of their product or service. Is that you?

Elegant sales people have an aura about them that gets them noticed

They make an immediate impression, the minute they pick up the phone or walk in the door. They look the part, sound the part and give the impression they are the part! How you present yourself is the biggest distinction people make in their minds as to whether they will do business with you.   “Will they take care of me as well as they dress, sound, feel to me?” is what your client is asking.  Elegant sales people are polished, prepared and presentable, dressed for a successful business relationship.

Elegant sales people are real

They allow their customer to experience their authenticity.  They are at ease with who they are, which allows them to focus their undivided attention on the customer. They have an “X factor” about them and can create exceptional rapport, connections and relationships, as they sell. Relationship is at the forefront of your mind, rather than their sales targets.  They enjoy the dynamics of guiding a conversation – rather than telling and selling – and can connect with their customer almost instantly. They have credibility in their whole persona, in their speech and body language, demonstrating an eloquence and fluency about the products they are selling.

Elegant sales people guide the customer through the purchase

They are calm, centred and focused on their customer’s experience. They aim to give the customer a sensory experience of the company they are selling, taking them through the options and possibilities that their product or service will give them, if they buy it. They make their product and selves very relevant and urgent to the client.  They have an ability to get the right “internal” response from the customer, creating an internal dance of emotions, through the sales conversation.

Elegant sales people project an air of ease about their craft 

They show no pressure – allowing the customer to make their decision, in their own time. They carry a map in their minds of customer buying decisions and can track how decisions are made with key players in their client’s organisation. They have a strategy for what do next, in all eventualities. They create opportunities for their clients first, and know what details are important to the client and the sale.  They track the nuances and messages presented by their customers, asking well-crafted questions that cut right to the core of the issue and move the sale forward.

Elegant sales people allow the customer’s story to unfold

Then they sell that back to their customer with their product in the picture. They intrinsically understand the need for the customer to solve a problem; they can eliminate the pain and highlight the gain in having their product. They know the buyer controls the sale and are very comfortable with that. They guide the customer to make the decision, very effectively and carefully. They start with a conversation of discovery for the client: where are they, where do they want to be, what options do they want, and how are they considering the product in their minds. They know how to step in at the right time, with a great question or a valuable insight, then sit back and let the customer make the decision, knowing their work is done.

Elegant sales people are focused on bottom-line revenue

While giving the customer best value for money, they pay attention to their sales effectiveness and constantly work to increase it. If something is not working, they ditch it! So what do you need to do more or less of, to reach that level of elegance, and fire off those positive emotions in your client, when they meet you and decide to buy?


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