Running Your Brain Software Better

running brain software betterWhen you purchase a piece of software, you expect it to work smoothly; deliver on it’s specifications, function as expected, at the speed you want, as long as you need it. Imagine it doesn’t: it starts to slow down, get caught in loops that play havoc with your other programs, hang your computer or crash your entire company network. Of course your IT staff is well-equipped to handle this, or call on the expertise of a computer whiz at the end of the phone!

As a HR professional, when you hire an individual, you are not only getting their skills, qualifications, which you need; but along with them comes their beliefs, attitudes, conditioning and patterns. Let’s call it their brain “software!” You only know its effectiveness, when the individual is installed in your system. It shows up in their performance, and how they think, speak and behave, as they interact with others. This person can run high quality output and be the best investment you ever made, or they can create slow downs, under-perform, get caught in loops, or crash your internal and external people systems.

In the field of executive coaching, we describe this as their “Neuro-Linguistic Programming“, i.e. how they think, talk to themselves on the inside, and act it out in the behavior we see. What if you had a way to help your staff run their “brains” or their “thinking” software better, where they recognized the patterns creating their own challenges and chose to use different approaches and perspectives to solve them – particularly at the manager level? A 5% change in behaviour at this level, could have a massive impact at a company-wide level, particularly where an individual has a significant influence in the entire system.

With the latest advances in coaching technology, known as Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-semantics (which examine how meanings create a person’s experience), executive coaching opens doors for sustainable change within an organization. Starting with the individual, who is a key player in your organization can have a positive ripple effect throughout the company.

Behavioural change is at the heart of executive coaching, and moves way beyond setting goals and motivating the individual. It plays a critical role in helping individuals and organizations to create, adapt to, and embrace change as a challenge and a place to move towards rather than stay in stagnation.

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