Close the Deal -Winning at the Selling Game

Why people DO buy from you

After looking at reasons why people don’t buy from you in the previous article. Here are five ways to get people to start buying from you. The areas you need to pay attention to and what actions you can take to make your selling game a little easier. Attention to these five areas will change the face of your business.


Why people buy do from you:

1. You Understand their World and Speak their Language.  This is the most obvious way to get people to buy from you. And the doorway into their world and language is strong listening and questioning skills. This will show that you have really listened and heard their story. Seek first to Understand Then you know what they want and can easily reflect that back through questioning, summarising and co-creating a solution that works for the client.

2. You Exude Confidence, Courage and Commitment. You are confident in your ability to deliver the message, the service and value to your client. You have the courage to ask great questions that serve the clients decision to buy. You are committed to getting to the heart of what matters to the client and helping them achieve their outcome at the right price.

3. You Have Excellent Rapport and You are Relationship Builder – Rapport and relationships succeeds or fails from the second a client meets you.  It is only in rapport and good relationships that sales are made. People buy people, and they buy from people they like and trust.  If clients feel and believe they have a relationship with you, it’s because of your rapport building skills. At that point the trust begins to build and they will commit time and effort to you.

4. Your Focus is 100% on Your Client and their Result. In meeting hundreds of sales professionals, the ones that stand head and shoulders above the rest are the people that focus completely on their client. Their sales figures are always higher. The client feels this through the quality of questions, the conversation and the service that is finally delivered to them. All the way, the client should feel this in every interaction, as you demonstrate how you understand their world.

5. You Are Responsive and Attentive. You address their requests and concerns immediately. Their needs are paramount in your mind. You take action immediately, send them information as soon as they ask, clarify concerns after they raise them, and go out of your way to pre-empt and anticipate what would make their job of buying easier. You are helping to make their decision effortless and growing a robust client base.


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