Sales, Public Speaking Tips -Videos

These videos will give you a quick insight into selling techniques, presentation skills and communication skills that will help you in your profession. There are videos here where Shiera O’Brien, sales trainer and sales coaching, talks about different aspects of selling, presentions and communication skills. There are additional videos from well known, leading authorities on psychology, marketing and human relationships.


Zenith Education Video- Communication

Communication in Business

In this video, learn about the importance of communication skills and how vital it is to your business and your sales role. Business deals happen with quality communication.

Zenith Education Video - Presenting Skills

Presenting Skills and Connecting with your Audience

In this video, learn some key tips on what presenting skills can bring to your presentations you have to give. Presentation skills can be learned.

Zenith Education Video- Selling skills

Selling Skills and mutual benefits for your customer

In this video, learn about building relationships, and how to create mutual benefits with your customer. Great sales people are very interested in their customer’s business. Here are some tips on how to improve your sales.

Zenith Education Video- Selling Tips

Selling Tips on why it’s important to know what you are doing

What is selling really about? In this video, learn some selling techniques and understand what you are doing when you are selling to your customers.

Training education video- value based selling

Value-Based Selling

In this short sales training video, learn about the importance of creating value in your sales conversations, and increase your sales. There are a few key selling tips that will help you sell more.

Zenith Education Video - What makes a great sales person

What Makes a Great Sales Person

In this video learn some key ideas about what makes a quality sales person. Passion sells products. A few ideas on what makes a sales person really good at what they do and why passion about your product is so important.

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