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8 Salespeople Characteristics

8 Sales Behaviours and Personality Traits to to look out for as a Sales Manager Let’s try to understand what great salespeople do and why some salespeople fail. As a sales manager this study will help you achieve your sales team targets. Analysing your sales team When you want to figure out what’s really going […]

Effective Communication Skills – The HR challenge explored

A look at styles of communication people bring to work Often the strength of an organisation’s culture can be measured by the openness with which staff can address personal concerns and communicate these to colleagues. So how do companies and those entrusted with people development help create meaningful and effective communications among staff? What tools […]

Sales Outliers e-book – Sales Tips from Top Sales People

  The Sales Outliers e-book Meet the Unique Players in the Selling Game    What does a Sales Outlier track in their mind to take command of the sales conversation that average salespeople don’t? Did you ever wonder how the elite in your field do what they do? Ever since I began to explore the world […]

How to hire the Right Sales People

  4 Mistakes Companies Make in Hiring Sales People Hiring the right sales people is all about understanding what selling is really about. There is no doubt that it helps to hire somebody who knows about your industry, but no amount of industry knowledge is going overcome inadequate selling skills or people skills. Here are […]

Sales Tips for Successful Sale Meetings

4 Ingredients to Creating a Bliss Point in your Sales Meetings There is always a point in a purchase where your customer will probably not go back. It’s the Bliss Point. Everything they want and imagine around your product is happening inside their brain, inside the conversation that YOU are creating with them. The brain […]

Sales Tips on Improving how you Sell

Giving up the Sales Security Blanket Product Selling versus Value-Based Selling Would you hire a technical product expert to sell for you OR would you teach a salesperson about your business AFTER you find out how good they are at selling? A little and too much knowledge is a dangerous thing for a salesperson. Let […]

Winning at the Sales Game

5 reasons people are more likely to buy from you After looking at reasons why people don’t buy from you in a previous article. Here are five ways to increase the chances of people buying from you; the areas worth paying attention to and what actions you could take to make your selling game a little easier. Consider these five points; […]

Dealing with Difficult People

5 Steps to Handling Difficult Situations or Difficult People A Coach’s Perspective  I am sure you can think of plenty of times when you ran into challenging situations and people and didn’t like the experience or how the story played itself out. Working with difficult people or challenges in your organisation is definitely one place to […]

Building Self Confidence

The Most Popular Topic in Coaching The start of any coaching conversation starts with a question. This is followed by more questions. It becomes an exploration. It is about getting to the heart of what somebody desires in their life, their work, their career, business and their relationships with others. I often say to people […]

How to Handle Sales Objections

The Top 5 Reasons to Eliminate Sales Objections Handling from your Sales Calls   I am often asked about handling objections by salespeople. It has been a staple ofsales training courses for decades. Is it time to give that up? The question I ask myself is, ‘if buyer behaviour has changed with technology, why do sales […]

Sales Tips – Strategic Selling

5 Ideas to Outpace your competition When we think of value, some people automatically go to the “price” and start thinking of value-for-money. I have heard a lot of sales people say recently “It is all about price.” I always say, “Yes it is, if you cannot prove the value you bring the table.” This is […]

Sales Tip – Never Sell the Same way Twice

Never Sell the Same Way Twice Sales tips from our sales training courses If there is one sales tip you can take on how to sell; it is this.  In our sales training courses we use the mantra “Never sell the same way twice” because no buyer will buy two products in the same way. […]