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Coaching – What does a coach actually do?

Working as a coach in Dublin for over 10 years, I am fully aware of how people create their own perceptions and maps of how the world is and what it means to them. Their perceptions are just that, subjective perceptions of external events, people and experiences. This holds true for coaching as for anything […]

Top Ten Factors In a Top Salesperson

1. Bring Passion to your Product and Business Enthusiasm and passion are the elixirs of a successful life in sales. Passion for your products and the people who buy them will raise your game. There is nothing better than witnessing an authentic delight a sales person has for their product or company. It really sets […]

4 Mistakes Companies Makes When Hiring Sales People

Hiring the right sales people is all about understanding what selling is really about. There is no doubt that it helps to hire somebody who knows about your industry, but no amount of industry knowledge is going overcome inadequate selling skills or people skills. Here are some of the reasons people hire the wrong people. […]

5 Steps to Creating A Unique Selling Proposition

Consumers buy more than your products and services. They buy the rich meanings and value it can bring to their lives or their business. It is the meanings they give to your offering that activate their buying and gets them interested, engaged and motivated to take action. In every interaction, you must be building value […]