Sales and Steve Jobs
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Why Steve Jobs is one of my Sales Heroes – Sales Tips

What made Jobs the Selling Genius he was

Steve Job was a quantum thinker and a man living outside the box of ordinary thinking.

I was always curious about the impact and sheer size of his creation; Apple, a company that came to permeate every aspect of our lives, in such a dramatic way, in just a few decades…

Sales Training VIdeo - Sales Teams Training Courses
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Effective Communication Skills – The HR challenge explored

A look at styles of communication people bring to work

Often the strength of an organisation’s culture can be measured by the openness with which staff can address personal concerns and communicate these to colleagues.

So how do companies and those entrusted with people development help create meaningful and effective communications among staff?…

Sales Training Courses Dublin
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6 Questions Sales Managers should Ask about Sales Team

How to find out what’s really going on with your sales organisation

6 Questions for Sales Managers

One of your sales team has a great prospect lined up and they are pretty excited about the opportunity on the table for the company and for their sales targets, especially as they head into the next business quarter…

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Listening as an Effective Communication Skill

5 Insights into the Art of Literal Listening

The 30-Day Challenge

Have you ever been described as a great listener? Would this describe you? Are you the person that keeps saying  “Sorry, what did you say?”  …

After the sales training course
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After the Sales Training – What can the sales manager do?

8 Sales Behaviours and what to look out for as a Sales Manager

When you want to figure out what’s really going in with your sales team, it’s time to look at what they do in front of their customers….

Sales Training
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Sales Outliers e-book Sales Tips from Top Sales People

The Sales Outliers e-book

Meet the Unique Players in the Selling Game

 What does a Sales Outlier track in their mind to take command of the sales conversation that average salespeople don’t?…

Sales Training Courses – Video on Sales Team Skill Set

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What can you do to improve the sales team performance? Shiera O’Brien talks about how to evaluate the skillset of your sales teams by observing behaviours and attitudes and how your sales teams are having conversations with their prospects…

Sales Training Video – Supporting the Sales Team

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If you are a sales manager looking to explore what you can do to improve the sales team performance, Shiera O’Brien talks about sales team management and some key things that can make all the difference to you sales results…

Public Speaking Tips
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Public Speaking Tip #1: Create a presentation in 10 minutes

Public Speaking Tip #1

The 10 Minute Presentation Prep

In our public speaking courses, our aim is to finally get people to enjoy public speaking.

But also know how to put a presentation together in 10 minutes if you had to.

So if you are asked at work to give a presentation in the afternoon on your sales or an update on what’s happening in your department…

Sales tips for sales managers
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How to hire the Right Sales People

4 Mistakes Companies Make in Hiring Sales People

Hiring the right sales people is all about understanding what selling is really about.

There is no doubt that it helps to hire somebody who knows about your industry, but no amount of industry knowledge is going overcome inadequate selling skills or people skills…

Sales Training Video – What is value-based Selling?

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Shiera O’Brien talks about the core of the sales training courses on what adds value to your selling and the behaviours and actions that will set you apart from your competitors…


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Shiera O’Brien talks about what happens when sales techniques are failing the sales person and how we can change that…