Training Course for Managers

Management Training Course

A practical Management Training Course

Communication  Skills for Managers

On this Management Training Course, managers will learn practical tools for managing others effectively. The course is a blend of tools that will improve the managers communications skills and leadership in their organisation. The tools will help participants to understand the motivation of their teams, improve employee engagement and improve team performance by applying the tools. They will learn how to bring coaching to their organisation as a quality leadership tool.

 Who is this course for?

This training course is senior and middle managers who have  a team of people reporting to them and wish bring some new skills to their team building, who wish to add to their communication skills and leadership abilities. If you are a manager that is looking to make more impact with your, improve the team performance by improving how you communicate and lead, this course will provide you with insights and practical applications for making your team work better and improving your effectiveness.

What will course attendees learn from attending?

Here are some of the key things you will learn to support you in your management role:

 This course is about sharing some innovative and dynamic tools from performance psychology, communications and the coaching field. There are 4 key tools that will support team building and communication dynamics.

  1. How to read, understand and motivate a team to higher performance.
  2. How to use the tools to increase employee engagement, motivation better team communication and interactions.
  3. How to communicate more effectively with a team using different leadership and communication styles and approaches depending on the situation.
  4. How to bring coaching and language skills to your management style and enhance team performance.
  5. How to use pragmatic and practical tools to create different behaviours in the team.
  6. How to use the tools to enhance your leadership skills.

How is this training course delivered?

Our management training courses are delivered as a blend of learning sessions (20-30 minutes), coaching sessions (group and individual), discussion groups and practical exercises using real case studies related to your own company.

The training course is conducted over a full-day with plenty of time for course attendees to reflect and apply what they learn.  It is highly interactive and allows for maximum learning with all team participants.

How is the training reinforced?

All training requires some learning reinforcements, when we offer through follow-up workshops of half-day and through executive coaching to the management team in one-to-one coaching sessions. These are all designed to work with the individual manager’s  business outcomes, leadership style and business KPIs. These are all identified up front.

Where do you hold the management training courses?

We have delivered our training course in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Athlone and across Ireland. We offer our management training courses to to individuals and companies in Ireland and internationally.

Do you do public or in-company sessions?

We offer mostly in-company training courses to management teams. This would be a customised training, where we consult with you or your team to see what you need to support your management team. This allows you to work on your company, your product/services and your team challenges and make it highly relevant to your business.

What if I am looking to do the course as an individual?

If are looking to do a training course for your own personal development, we offer one-to-one private management training and coaching for a half-day. We will help you learn the key elements of our one day management course. In this course you get all that you need and some executive coaching to identify the area you need to focus on. This will allow you to focus specifically on areas in your professional life that you wish to improve.

How can I book this training course?

Call us and tell us what you are looking for in your management training course. This is always the best way to figure out what will work for your  team. Click this link to fill out the Contact Form here and  we will come back to you with some ideas on designing the best course for you.