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A Practical Management Training Course Communication Skills For Managers

  • Learn the cutting-edge tools out of NLP and Neuro-semantics
  • Learn how to read and listen for team dynamics in your company
  • Learn the skills that can make you an effective manager
  • Learn how to use language and communication to lead others in a better way
  • Learn how a manager can create a high-performance team
  • Learn how to coach your team and become an effective manager

In this management training course, attendees will learn about leadership within teams, what motivates people, what creates high-performing teams and how to embed that in a team.

They will learn the power of linguistic framing and coaching as a skill set, the 7 styles of leadership and when to use them.

They will map their own team and rate their performance in each part of the business based on the Performance Quadrant – The High-Meaning, High-Doing of Peak Performance.

They will learn the language of responsibility, accountability and how to embed that in the team. Tools from the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Neuro-Semantics (how we map meaning) will be taught in this training. It will be highly interactive and delivered in a coaching and training format.

We are using the best in class communications techniques based on 20 years of research that blends linguistics and psychology. We use very practical techniques to help managers change how they work with others. We blend our knowledge with our coaching to give you a blended experience inside your learning. Coaching inside training is proven to be more effective than just learning information about a subject. We want our course attendees to experience the power of coaching and NLP when they bring it back to their workplace. Call us to learn more about our training approach.

New managers and long-time managers always benefit from awareness training around their management and communication skills with their team and staff. We can always be better versions of ourselves as managers. There plenty of tools out there that guide mangers to know what to do, we teach you the how of managing effectively with tools that can be applied directly after training.

A good management course will address your concerns with the management skills inside your company. Managing people is all about understanding people, how they function in groups, how they respond to communication and how they work together when the team dynamics are healthy. On this management course, we train managers to understand team and human psychology in a very accessible, practical way. We help them develop better communication skills, better influencing skills and awareness skills.

Management training is not about what to do in your chosen industry, it is about knowing how to connect, communicate and develop your team through the power of your communication and then know what to do when dealing with difficult people. Our course is about communication skills for managers.

Effective management is all about leading, getting the best from your people and building something with your team. The impact of effective management skills is always seen in the relationships in your team with you and with each other. If they of a high quality, you are doing lots of things right to create that environment. If you see your team approaching you, sharing their ideas and points of view freely, you are effective in leading your team. All employees seek to feel safe and free to be themselves in the workplace. Do you know how to make that happen? Our courses can be tailored to address specific problems that are taking away from your team success.

If you are looking for a management training programme, we suggest your programme should focus on effective management behaviour, communication skills, influencing skills and team building. Our training is designed to upgrade a managers skills in getting a team to be more cohesive, responsive and cooperative by learning authentic, effective magagement skills. The field we teach from is the most cutting edge in terms of teach the structure of effective communication; NLP and Neuro-semantics gives you tools that will transform your experience of other. By applying these tools manager will be able to use their language and persuasion skills in an authentic way and bring a different energy and culture to their team.

To be a good manager today requires a level of self-awareness, great coaching skills, communication skills and an ability to observer behaviours of others and act in the collective best interest. Developing your management skills does not have to be an arduous process. With the right training, whether in group or 1-2-1, you can quickly change any area that is not working for your or your team. Ask us about how you can become a better manager with our management training course.

What people say about this training

International NLP Trainer

L. Michael Hall, Author of User Manual for the Brain, Trainer and Mentor. USA

If you are looking for a Coach with extensive experience in NLP and in Neuro-Semantics, I highly recommend Shiera. She is both highly skilled and passionate about self-actualization of her clients. She is a graduate of the Meta-Coaching System— which is recognized internationally as having the most systematic approach to facilitating self-actualizing leaders, companies, and individuals.

Workshop Attendee

Mark L. Sales Professional, Dublin, Ireland.

Shiera is a really effective trainer and a compelling speaker Her training course was informative. practical and delivered with a real passion for the subject.

Senior HR Professional

Joanne M. HR Director, Dublin

I would highly recommend working with Shiera. She is extremely skilled at the art of Neuro-Semantics and has a great ability to enable you to overcome any behavioural challenges yourself! Her approach is both very personal and very motivational.

The Sales Outliers e-book

The Sales Outliers e-book

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