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Improve staff performance, employee engagement and communication at work with our training and coaching
Zenith Sales Mentoring

Increase Sales in Your Business with Best Practice Selling

Learn better sales techniques that will help your team close the deal and win more sales
Zenith Communication skills

Communication Skills and Team Building Courses

Need some practical team building ideas with effective communication skills for the workplace? Ask us about our communications course
Zenith Executive Life Coaching

Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

Coaching can help you personally and professionally with a career change, to get that new job, improve your mind-set or work on specific goals
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Presentation Skills for Confident Presenting

Build your confidence in public speaking with specialised training courses for that all important presentation



Zenith Training and Development Company Overview

In a range of business training courses, we offer sales training, sales mentoring, team building and coaching to a broad range of clients and individuals. We can help change what’s not working for you with your selling skills, presentations, public speaking  or communication skills at work. We offer training  and coaching services that bring change to how you do business and work with others. If your business is looking for change and growth, find out about more about our list training courses  and coaching services BELOW. If you are looking for a training course that improves teamwork, teaches communication skills for work or the sales team, contact us to talk about your training needs.

Select from our Training Courses and Coaching Services

  • Sales Training Courses That Will Teach You More Than Just How To Sell

    There are many choices when it comes to sales training and most courses will simply teach selling techniques without looking at the underlying factors that can cause individuals to under-perform or not reach their maximum performance in a sales job. We offer in-company training courses and private sales training course.

    A Zenith Sales Training Course will teach you how to sell by teaching you how people buy, the psychology of buying and how to sell and not use the same closing techniques. You will learn how to sell to a buyer’s needs,  how to build rapport and quality sales conversations that will help you close the deal more rapidly. Using this approach can turn anyone into a high-calibre sales person, as long as they are passionate about what they are selling and use these sales techniques. We can teach anyone how to sell using the best sales techniques. Find out more about our Sales Training Courses.

  • Public Speaking Courses & Presentation Skills Courses – For Presentations That ‘SELL’

    Our presentation skills course will teach you one of the most valuable  business skills and lessons; more than just public speaking, a presentation is always a sales pitch. We therefore teach you the psychology of making a good presentation and how to add sales skills to your presentation. If you have a fear of public speaking even to the point of having anxiety about  speaking in public, we can help you become a calmer, more effective public speaker. We cover all aspects of quality presentation skills from how to speak in public with confidence, how to build a PowerPoint and how to prepare  quality PowerPoint presentation. and deliver it. If you want a private public speaking course or an individual presentation coaching sessions, we can help you prepare and work on a presentation you have to give.

  • Team Building & Effective Communication Skills in Work

    If you have a team that is under-performing, communicating poorly or has low morale, then our team building and effective communications skills course is for you. The importance of teamwork and successful Team Building is about learning the art of effective communication and consistently using these skills in professional and personal life. Find out more on our Communications Skills  page. A quality team building experience is created from the foundation of good communications. Learn the elements of this and your team will begin improve how they relate to each other. A 1-day course that helps your team apply what they learn immediately. An interactive, practical course on essential communication skills that will change how your team work.

  • Executive Coaching & Personal Coaching Services

    If you are struggling in any aspect of your working or personal life and you are seeking permanent positive change, then our executive coaching and personal coaching services could be the answer you seek. Working across many industries, we offer career coaching, interview skills coaching, personal effectiveness coaching or any area that you need to up your game. Life coaching is an all-encompassing term for coaching. We can coach you on any area where you need clarity, planning, new skills and support. Read our article on What does a coach do? Find out more on our Executive Coaching and Life Coaching Services page.

  • Sales Mentoring & Sales Coaching

    If a group training course is not required or a structured course doesn’t target a specific problem you are facing, our sales mentoring and sale coaching services are the ideal solution. We can investigate any specific challenges individuals are facing and create very personalized action plans to deliver the success they seek. We can offer mentoring around your sales strategy, sales planning, sales territory management and creating a value proposition for your product. Find out more about our Sales Mentoring and Sales Coaching.

  • Sales Consulting on Your Sales Strategy

    If you are facing specific sales challenges, such as how to increase sales in a specific sector, how to sell a new product or enter a new market, our sales consulting service can help you develop a sales strategy quickly and effectively and find the answers you need. We will review your challenges and current approach and then deliver practical solutions and help you craft a winning sales strategy. Find out more about our Sales Strategy Page.

  • Keynote Speaker for Conferences and Company Events

    If you need a keynote speaker for your conferences, away days, team building , staff motivation initiatives, we can speak on a range of topics around motivating your team, employee engagement, getting better quality team dynamics, leadership in organisations, sales success, personal effectiveness.

    Some topics to choose from : Improving the Social and Team Dynamic in the Workplace, Networking for Success, Selling Secrets of the best Sales people, The Psychology of Motivation, Building a Career in your workplace. Self-Leadership to Lead Others. Customer Service as a Profit Creator. Coaching – the management tool of  the 21st Century.

Who we work with

Whether you are one person seeking coaching or a HR professional  and you have done your training needs analysis, we can develop a range of training courses to match what you are looking for. We train across industries and professions. We work with people from all backgrounds and professions. We work with all levels in organisations where change would motivate staff, improve employee engagement or increase sales. We can and do support change management and team building efforts. We work with many private clients in a coaching capacity who seek change in their personal or professional lives. Read our Testamonials

How we work

We bring our expertise in behaviour and change tools to organisations and individuals.  Our training course material is supported by solid research into the best tools in psychology and our on-going understanding of how people operate in organisations. The path of change in people starts with awareness of what is happening, how it is working and whether you want it to continue or not. If you don’t, then there is need for behavioural change and learning a whole new set of business skills and interpersonal skills.  To learn about our approach to sales training, view our video.

Change as the goal

In our experience of training, people development cannot happen without bringing awareness to behaviour patterns, opening minds to the need for change and emphasising the importance of applying the business skill sets learned  in a training course. We emphasis the importance of input and development of a quality training course from the course attendees themselves, who seek to improve, grow and change. Personal responsibility is key to the success of any training course. The goal is always to bring new perspectives and behaviours to create positive change to individuals within a sales team, executive team or the wider organisation.

Training Modalities

All our training courses and coaching services make use of the most advanced developments in the field of coaching and psychology. We bring a blend of change through coaching, learning sessions and accountability to the learner and the person seeking coaching. We deliver our training courses as workshops to emphasis the importance of input from the learner to make the workshops successful. We deliver half-day coaching and training sessions for individuals. We can deliver two-hour information sessions tailored to suit your organisation. Coaching is central to the effectiveness of any training. We are not experts in your business, but we have host of tools to help bring change to those that seek it and apply what the learn in our training sessions. To learn more about our methodologies  read What Does a Coach do?

Find Out How We Deliver on Training

Reach Your Zenith With Our Advanced Training Courses and People Development Services

From learning how to sell to increasing success through team building or executive coaching, Zenith Training and Development has a range of training courses to meet every business need. If you would like to discuss any of the content contained on this site or you would like to arrange a consultation, please contact us at our offices in Dublin, Ireland.