The Sales Outliers

How Top Sales People Power Ahead
in their Selling Game

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What you will Learn about The Sales Outliers

• What sets them apart   • Their mindset •  Their point of focus •

Their emotional sell  • The questions they ask (that others don’t)

Want to learn about the psychology of top salespeople, leaders in their industry who stand out by their actions, behaviours and mind-set?  Based on a series of interviews and research with outstanding sales people, learn what makes the very best sales professionals different;  from building relationships to how they create sales conversations, what is inspiring about them and how they are shaping the businesses they work in.

The Sales Outliers e-book

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The Background to the Sales Outliers

In the study on what drives Sales Outliers and how do they do, Shiera O’Brien, the author, learned how Sales Outliers create the sales world in which they operate. She used this research to reinforce the sales training and coaching she delivers to businesses and clients to support behaviour in sales teams across industry. The study confirmed her ideas on what made sales people effective. She  offers some insight into how you can also join this group of unique individuals.

Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Dublin Ireland“If I learned one thing from working in the field of sales, here it is; to achieve excellence you have to find out how somebody does what they do, how they think about their experience and how they execute their strategy. It prompted me to dig into the world of selling and uncover what the top salespeople do.
I have written what I learned in the world of selling in this ebook. I also share what I uncovered in the conversations I had with some outstanding sales people. They confirmed the sense I had that they were doing something different to the average sales person out there.” Shiera O’Brien