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Zenith Training & Development provides sales training, sales coaching and sales motivation services that will help you and your sales team to improve sales performance and grow in confidence. These sales coaching services can be provided stand-alone or as part of a sales training course and so is ideal for any company of any size. We can work with new starters to your sales team or experienced sales people looking to increase their sales by upgrading their selling skills.

Are you experiencing any of the following sales problems with your sales team?

Falling Sales And Motivation – Business Owner

You are acutely aware of a problem that is facing your business, one that if left unresolved will kill your business – poor sales performance. Of course there are many issues that every business owner has to cope with and so you may be thinking about business coaching, but every business begins and ends with sales and so you may want to tackle that problem first. Every enquiry and every lead costs you money, but normally this is easily offset by winning the business and ‘making the sale’. If however your conversion rate is low, not only will your bottom line suffer, but you will enter into a downward spiral of low confidence that customers will pick up on, which ultimately leads to more lost sales. A sales mentor is the answer to your problems.

Falling Sales And Motivation – Sales Team

You run a sales team, who for some reason are not performing well. Motivation is low and performance is worse. Your products are great, but your team is struggling to make the sale. Obviously there is something else hindering their performance and our sales mentor and coaching services can help identify and rectify the problem in a combined group and 1-to-1 approach. In some instances there may simply be an unconscious rapport issue between you/your sales manager and your team and our sales management coaching program will help resolve these issues if that is the case.

Your Sales Have Reached A Plateau

Perhaps your sales are not dropping, but you simply can’t seem to increase them either. You are working very hard to convert as many sales as possible, but you simply can’t seem to make headway. Your problem may be a disconnect between your sales approach and the customers you are trying to do business with, or simply a lack of confidence or self-belief that stops you from up-selling the more margin-rich solutions.

A sales mentor delivering professional sales coaching could be the answer to the challenges above and the wholly different approach taken through coaching often meets the very specific needs of some businesses.

Sales Mentoring & Coaching – When Training Courses Are Not An Option

In situations where you alone wish to receive sales advice and support or where sales training in a group is simply not possible, the sales mentor option provides an excellent route to receiving the help you need as a sales executive. This very personal approach works so well because you are able to tackle those areas of major concern to you and so gets right to the core of the matter very quickly and get your sales targets back on track. In these sessions we can identify these issues and it will establish what your benchmarks are for a ‘successful’ outcome.

Follow-On Sales Mentoring To Build Sales Motivation

We include a follow-up session with every attendee of our Sales Training Course, however additional follow-on sessions on a quarterly or bi-yearly basis can help to dramatically boost your sales team’s confidence and to continue to expand their understanding of the sales and buying process. These sessions can also help to integrate a new sales recruit into the new selling culture your team will have adopted following the sales executive training course they were introduced to.

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