If you looking for a private sales training course, we can help you refresh your selling skills, give you some new sales techniques and give you some feedback on how you are selling.

What will I learn on a one-to-one sales training session?

  1. How to have better sales conversations
  2. How to progress the sale and close the sale
  3. How to anticipate and overcome any objections
  4. How to get more from your sales calls and meeting
  5. How to sell value and stop falling into the price negotiation trap
  6. How to coach your clients and get more useful information from a sales meeting

Where are the sales training courses held and how many hours do they last?

We run our private sales training courses in Dublin between 9AM and 5PM. All half-day sessions are 4 hours long.

What happens in the sales training sessions?

We blend coaching and learning sessions into the training course. Coaching is about getting you to explore how you sell and where you have challenges selling, and find a better way to sell what you do using these techniques. We have 5-8 short learning sessions to learn the structure of a high-quality sales conversation, from opening the conversation, positioning your offering, asking the right questions, closing the sale and getting your prospect to take action on the meeting.

Can I be sure this will work for me?

We have coached hundreds clients in private coaching and training sessions in Dublin and when they following the techniques and use the tools, they tell us consistently that they are getting better sales results.

 How do I find out more?

Talk directly to a trainer by clicking on the button below OR fill out  the form on the Contact Us page to get full course outline. We will send you the course description and information on when and how you can take this training course in Dublin.