Sales Training Courses for Professionals

What will you and your team get from attending this sale course?

  • Improve the quality of every sales meeting and sales call
  • Learn the best tools in getting results from your sales meetings
  • Know exactly how to manage a sales meeting with decision makers
  • Be able to track the customer and get a call to action from every meeting
  • Operate the sales conversations from a business strategy rather than just selling your product and service
  • Increase success with decision makers
  • Be more confident in your selling and close more sales

What’s the challenge for today’s salespeople?

With the change in technology, prospecting has changed, so the way you approach your customers has to change. Technology and marketing has allowed customers to educate themselves about your product. The sales meeting has changed from being an education session to a consultative selling exercise.

If you are looking for a sales training course in Ireland that changes how your sales team talks to your customers. If you want your team to have more impact when they meet your customers, we will show them how to change their sales conversations to get better results, by learning step-by-step what is needed in a great sales meeting.

Everything they learn on this sales training course will suit inside sales, field sales and telesales professionals. This course will show your sales team some high quality sales techniques based on driving and managing the conversation and the meeting.

Who is this training course for?

All levels of sales professionals will benefit from attending this course. Even if you have a new sales person starting a career in selling, we can help them learn the selling skills to hit the ground running. Experienced sales people will benefit from refreshing their approach and learning some unique tools to get better customer engagement in their meetings and sell more.


  • Know who you are talking to and why they would take a call from you.
  • Design and frame the approach you are going to take with your prospects
  • Get your customers taking action on your communications, email, phone calls, meeting
  • Progress the sale and get more commitment
  • Selling the appointment
  • Planning every aspect of your sales meeting so that is structured, organised and gets you the outcome you want.

If you want your sales team to be equipped with more effective strategies for working in the age of technology, where it is harder to get a prospects attention, this sales training course will show them how to sell more effectively.

This training is highly  interactive, with coaching, group exercises, account planning, questionnaires and feedback. With this training, sales teams often ramp up their phone communication skills, learn how to connect with customers faster, reduce sales objections and close more business.

If you would like to know more about sales training courses we run across Ireland, including Dublin, Galway, Cork, Waterford, talk to our trainer. For the 1-day course outline, click this link. If you wish to have a 2-day training course, please contact us direction. Learn more about our Private Sales Training Sessions


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