Public speaking courses & Presentation Skills Training in Dublin


Beginners and Professionals

Conquer your nerves with our public speaking tips and tricks

Our public speaking anxiety tips help you get over Fear of public speaking and presentation nervousness.

For professionals we offer Advanced level training with key public speaking techniques to help you PERSUADE, INSPIRE AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE

What this training course aims to do

Public speaking is both a skill and an art. Our workshops teach methods that help you master speaking skills in a rapid, effective way.

We provide core presentation skills coaching to help you present your ideas at all levels; publicly or in one-to-one interactions.

People come to our courses who are looking to be effective presenters in many scenarios.

We support you for:

  • Formal presentations, where they need to deliver a message to large audiences
  • Public speeches to Increase credibility amongst peers, managers and clients.
  • Learn skills needed to present across cultures; adapt to international audience
  • Executive coaching for enhancing speaking skills at senior leadership and management level
  • Personal development: Creating a personal impact with speaking and presenting skills.

Sales presentation skills: How public speaking classes help your career?

Our advanced public speaking training is for professionals like; Senior Managers, Customer-facing professionals, Sales professionals or Sales Staff.

Get rid of the fear of speaking in public or plan a better presentation for an impactful sales pitch to clients. It is part of the success formula for winning more business, knowing what to leave out and what to include in your presentation.

Presenting with an Impact

A Public speaking workshop should focus on preparing you to present yourself in public in a persuasive and influential way.

Our class achieves this by showing what top presenters and experienced public speakers do to influence people in their presentations, whether speaking off-the-cuff or using PowerPoint as a presentation tool.

Learn about Speaking with Confidence, overcome any Public Anxiety and learn the advantages of good public speaking skills.

Public Speaking Tips and Techniques to overcome the fear and anxiety:

The fear of public speaking is documented and seen as the number one phobia. People will do anything to avoid speaking in public. We have written an article here on what causes fear of public speaking. It will help you begin to understand the patterns and cause of the public speaking anxiety.

Our goal in any training is to help you unlearn this fear of speaking publicly and replace the state of fear with authentic confidence and certainty. We show you how to use body language to be better at public speaking and how to practice confidence in speaking publicly.

If you want Simple Tips to overcome your public speaking phobia, our course will help you.  With these tips anyone can begin the process of overcoming the fear of public speaking and become a competent speaker and presenter.

If you want some immediate pointers and tips on working a presentation, read this article on 5 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills.

Our Public Speaking Master class learning outcomes:

  • Understanding your needs, your end goal and identify learning outcome.
  • Assess your current presentation and public speaking strengths.
  • Know the psychology and cause of public fear and overcome it
  • Step by step training with many exercises, examples and live speech activities.
  • Develop your own style of speaking
  • Control & Use your voice to your advantage: Diction, Rhythm and Pace.
  • Secrets, Tips and Techniques of speaking publicly.
  • Comprehend importance of presentation skills
  • Framework for Structuring an ideal presentation
  • Speech Content – what makes it work
  • Analysing Audience Experience
  • Continuous Practice & Improvement
  • Get some Guidance and feedback from an experienced presentation skills coach

Prepare for a specific important event or develop skills over a longer period.

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