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Sales Coaching and Sales Mentoring

  • An effective sales coaching framework that makes sure your learning lasts, but more importantly, that you make an impact on your sales numbers right away and keep improving.
  • Sales coaching after training is a well-researched and proven way to keep getting that Sales ROI from your sales  team.
  • Most sales coaching companies or vendors would respond to the demand for a basic sales training course.  We reinforce through a sales coaching plan spread over time. This revises, amends and retains learnt topics and key skills.
  • It’s too easy for sales teams to fall back to old patterns that don’t work, filling their day with sales call activity rather than getting results.

Our sales mentor can plan a sales performance improvement training that includes training in confidence building though developing sales competence, communication skills, interpersonal skills, change management of the sales activities, assertiveness skills to allow your team to take more risks in the sale. This will help remove barriers in to communication in your sales call and accelerate . The program will be customized based on your current sales situation and outcome of the training needs analysis.

Training Modules

  • Post- training Sales Coaching Strategies to hold on to those advanced Sales skills.
  • Personal sales strategies and action plans to build awareness on the best sales strategies to rapidly improve their sales performance.
  • Rapid Improvement in sales by increasing awareness in communication skills.
  • Fundamentals of buying psychology and how know this can rapidly improve their sales success.
  • Instant feedback on why the selling is working or not.
  • On-the-job coaching and mentoring to investigate the buying patterns of their ideal prospects. Show them how to actually map your company’s solution to their motivation to buy from you.

  • A mentoring framework that focuses on the transfer of sales knowledge through their sales organization.
  • A holistic sales mentorship program outline that investigates specific challenges individuals face.

What’s different in our approach?

We start with a Sales Training Need analysis, so that we understand your exact requirements and expectations, before we start.
  • Our training need analysis method assesses your current situation, reviews your overall sales strategy, business strategy, products, target market, existing team skills and creates a complete professional development plan.
  • Using language psychology and conversation strategies, we cover professional sales training in its entirety.
We reskill and align them with your Corporate Sales Goals.

Blended & Active Learning Methodology: Concepts & Application

  • A blended learning approach; combining theoretical sales concepts and active learning.
  • Teams participate and learn actively than just listening passively. An active method implements professional coaching with group exercises like live account planning activities, questionnaires and feedback.
  • Increases participant’s involvement as they apply new concepts learnt.
  • Experiences and perspectives shared with a group of people in their profession.
  • Facilitates learning from experience and independent learning. Ramps up communication skills, they connect with customers faster, sales objections reduce. They close more business.
  • Has a high retention value. Techniques like sales negotiation strategies and scenarios when practiced live with instructive feedback make improvements almost immediately.
  • Sales teams read, write, discuss and engage in solving problems during training sessions.
  • They are tested for how they recall activities and apply them in real world situations.

  • Keeps Sales teams engaged, motivated and relevant to their target clients.
  • Professional Sales Skills Training of employees is an investment both for the employer and the employee.
  • Companies that run a regular training and development programme are bound to retain employees better.

Best Sales trainers are passionate about their work. They customize classroom experience based on individual needs.

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What people say about Sales Coaching with Shiera

Sales Coaching Client

Chris O’S. Marketing Professional Ireland.

Shiera has a wonderful way of helping you understand how to sell real value to your clients that moves way beyond any product selling. She helps you to think like your buyer and know what it takes to bring them to the point where they are ready to buy from you. I found working with Shiera changed the way I sell to clients. I now find myself connecting better with them, understanding their world much better and confidently leading the sales conversation. I find I am more in tune with clients as the quality of my questions has improved. I found working with Shiera to be very beneficial and I would highly recommend her executive coaching services.

Sales Coaching and Training

Angela C. Sales professional. Ireland.

I’m fortunate to have worked with Shiera in Zenith Training and Development on various sales coaching and training programmes and I can wholehearted say that nothing prepared me for the insightful and motivating experience, both professionally and personally I’ve had. On a strategic sales capacity, Shiera’s coaching techniques moved our sales focus to a higher intuitive level that changed forever how I interact with prospective clients and how I talk with them at a value proposition level. The results have been impressive to date in how in a short period of time, old inefficient sales behaviours are discarded for more streamlined, cutting edge techniques that clients notice immediately, which enables sales professionals to display significant business acumen at a high management level. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in increasing sustainable sales revenue by learning and applying innovative and proven sales and behavioural skills to contact Shiera.

Sales Coaching Client

Colin U. Senior Sales Professional, Ireland.

I have worked with Shiera on two occassions. After 17 years in sales, I personally felt I had been there and seen it all but Shiera proved that every day is a school day - You are never too old to learn! Shiera is an excellent communicator, has great insights into selling and into people. In my opinion, it is well worth spending a session with Shiera - even for the more seasoned sellers among us.

Sales Training and Coaching

Franco D. Entrepreneur, Dublin.

I was never a believer in "psychological" training methods. That was until I met Shiera and she opened my eyes to simplicity and beauty of solution/consultative selling. I will specify at this point that I am NOT a sales person in the traditional sense, but as a business owner I needed to be able to sell. Shiera's training allowed me (and my team) to learn that selling doesn't have to be painful or forced for either party, but rather an exchange of information in a very easy and enjoyable process. The training also delivered the attitudinal permanent change that is required for long-term success. The difference it has made to our business is stunning and armed with this knowledge we foresee only goods things in our future!

The Sales Outliers e-book

The Sales Outliers e-book

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