Our sales courses are comprehensive professional sales skills training programs. We cover basics to advanced sales management training. We refresh your selling skills, give you new sales techniques and some feedback on how you are selling. It’s a holistic approach to personal development. It identifies and develops individual talent and contributes towards realizing your aspirations.

With individual Sales training, we can give you customized ideas for sales meetings, personal sales training tips. Our sales training materials can be used in any selling situation, whether it’s a sales call or a meeting.

We start by discussing your expectations from the sales training. We customize a complete professional development plan and conduct Individual Sales Coaching. The sales training course content is designed based on intensive research and experience of working with hundreds of professional salespeople. A key area for improving your sales performance is how you use Language in your sales calls and meetings. We put a huge focus on sales linguistics and your sales effectiveness in how you use language.

Inside Sales Training

The Best inside sales training course should focus on; assessing what sales behaviors are operating in your team and what impact are they having? We practice an effective sales training process that provides easily digestible sales call strategies. These are proven sales training best practices that resolve your problems and enable you to focus on uncovering your prospects burning business issues. This is done by developing active listening skills to control sales conversations and ultimately the result.

Consultative Selling Training

Effective Consultative selling techniques are those that let you take command of the sales situations, while letting the buyer feel he is in control. It is a subtle shift that can improve your conversion rates. For this we train you how to know your buyer well. We teach techniques to uncover buyers issues, that would prompt them to want to close the sale faster.

This forms the basis of our consultative selling training and sales coaching. With our techniques our students have not only closed more sales but have also ended up having more satisfied buyers.This includes advanced call planning to get the best outcome from a call, telemarketing training and adding more credibility to sales calls.

If you have a real understanding of the buyer’s needs, you can build a rapport with the buyer, allowing him to relax and be more open to your questions. You are then able to sell what they truly need rather than what you ‘think’ they need to close the sale.

Sales Management Training

Our Sales Management training is a comprehensive learning program for senior sales people that manage a sales team. For Senior sales management roles; this course enables you to improve your team’s quota achievement, falling sales and overall sales performance.

By learning how to analyze sales performance it uncovers reasons for poor results. Training is based on a holistic approach unlike other sales & marketing courses where sales and marketing concepts aren’t aligned.

We teach you to boost your sales team performance with a sales process that’s successful, repeatable & scalable. With our active learning methodology you get exposed to sales management strategy and tools that enables your salespeople to qualify leads faster, shorten sales cycle and raise win rates.

Such sales coaching skills train your team to sell with established and proven sales management system.

Sales communication course

Effective Communication skills are the key ingredient for sales success. The most effective communication skills are those that let you read people and prospects and world at large and develop a rapport with anyone.

We teach you techniques to break the sales communication barriers with quality questioning skills. When you ask questions the buyers don’t ask themselves it builds a rapport, engages prospects & wins their trust. You can keep prospects interested and connected and win buyer trust repeatedly and consistently.

What will I learn on a one-to-one sales training session?

  • How to have better sales conversations?
  • How to progress the sale and close the sale?
  • How to anticipate and overcome any objections?
  • How to get more from your sales calls and meeting?
  • How to sell value and stop falling into the price negotiation trap?
  • How to coach your clients and get more useful information from a sales meeting?

Cold calling training, tips, tricks, handling gatekeepers on cold calls, improving cold call conversion rates. Cold best practices, cold call appointment setting B2B prospecting.

Where are the sales training courses held and how long are they?

We run our private sales training courses in Dublin between 9AM and 5PM. All half-day sessions are 4 hours long.

What happens in the sales training sessions?

We blend coaching and learning sessions into the training course. Coaching is about getting you to explore how you sell and where you have challenges selling and help you find a better way to sell what you do, using these techniques. We have 5-8 short learning sessions to learn the structure of a high-quality sales conversation, from opening the conversation, positioning your offering, asking the right questions, closing the sale and getting your prospect to act on the sales meeting. We also train you how to develop your coaching skills as a sales professional to sell more effectively. It is a tried and tested way to improve your selling skills rapidly. This course has some unique and transformational sales techniques that are all built on using your sales language more powerfully.

Can I be sure this will work for me?

We have coached hundreds of clients in private coaching and training sessions in Dublin, and when they follow the techniques and use the tools, they tell us consistently that they get better sales results. Most importantly, they found they were able to build confidence in sales. It is all down to learning the structure of selling, using the sales-cycle effectively and coaching the buyers to make decisions. Once you know the sales formula to have better sales calls, you can apply this in any sales or business conversation. The value in working directly with a sales coach and trainer is that you will have the opportunity to develop your own sales pitches, quality questions and closing techniques, while you learn this unique sales call process. It is built on a linguistic approach to selling and will bring you a new toolbox to make an impact.

How do I find out more?
Talk directly to a Sales trainer by clicking on the button below OR fill out the form on the Contact Us page to get the full course outline. We will send you the course description and information on when and how you can take this training course in Dublin.