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What’s the difference between Sales Training, Sales Coaching and Sales Mentoring?

Sales Training Courses are all about upskilling

Sales training involves acquiring new skills required to become better at navigating sales conversations, and learning why you are doing what you are doing, with whom. This is the most effective way to becoming better at selling; consciously learning how selling and buying work together to win a sale. If you wish to introduce the team or an individual sales rep to skills required to become a complete sales professional , we can work with to train sales reps in Telephone Speaking Skills, B2B Lead Generation, Consultative Selling, Interpersonal Skills, and ultimately eliminating barriers in communication to becoming a Successful Sales Outlier Learn to sell like a sales outlier e-book.

Sales Coaching Course

A Sales Coaching course is the process of implementing your sales training course and applying the newly-acquired selling skills on the job and consistently doing it. With our post- training Sales Coaching Strategies, we seek to help you hold on to those advanced Sales skills with an effective sales coaching framework. This purpose is to make sure your learning lasts, but more importantly, that you make an impact on your sales numbers right away and keep improving. Sales coaching after training is a well-researched and proven way to keep getting that Sales ROI from your sales team.

The most effective sales coaching strategy is one that monitors the sales teams effectively for evidence of skills applied and the improvement in their selling behaviours. It’s all about coaching the team to continually realign their selling to match what their buyers are looking for.

Most sales coaching companies or vendors would respond to the demand for a basic sales training course and not always take the sale people weeks or months beyond the learning. We always recommend some form of reinforcement through a sales coaching plan spread over time, that revises, amends and retains learnt topics and key skills, strategies, techniques and tools and helps make the sales team more productive. It’s too easy for sales teams to fall back to old patterns that don’t work, filling their day with sales call activity rather than getting results.

If you are looking to design your Sales Coaching Models, we can help you do that and make the best use of your sales training budget. Make it go further and get that return on your investment by developing your sales strategy in line with your learning and development goals for your sales team.

We have given a lot of time to developing a professional coaching style that helps to integrate your new sales recruits into your selling culture, with ease. We teach them the language of selling, the power of questions and using conversational skills to be better salespeople. Our sales executive training courses are designed to be flexible and help both experienced and new them into the mainstream sales process quickly.

Sales mentoring Program

The Best Sales Mentors create a mentoring framework that focuses on the transfer of sales knowledge through their sales organization, building their structure according to how they customer base has bought their value proposition. A holistic sales mentorship program outline should investigate specific challenges individuals face, their personal sales strategies and create an action plan to build their awareness on the best sales strategies to rapidly improve their sales performance.

Our Sales mentor programme can help bring your team to its full potential and provide instant feedback on why the selling is working or not. The key outcome is to equip the sales team with the tools to grow their prospect base and and close sales. We instill in them the fundamentals of buying psychology and how know this can rapidly improve their sales success. Increasing their awareness around their communication skills in the sales environment is the focus. An ideal mentor would cut through the dead selling time and improve their traction and action in their prospecting, qualify and closing. The aim is to provide them with sales strategies and techniques that make an impact.

When on-the-job, we mentor them to investigate the buying patterns of their ideal prospects, show them how to actually map your company’s solution to their motivation to buy from you. Most importantly we teach them to stay focused and listen for the language patterns used in buying, implement learning and provide an overall direction for sales growth.

Business Coaching and Mentoring Courses, Ireland

In Dublin, we offer a business coach and a mentor for Business Owners, Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Teams and Individuals. Our Business Sales Training offers a unique approach to selling, not found anywhere in sale schools, because of our focus on language and sales psychology. We aim to offer top sales training programs in Dublin and across Ireland. Our Coaching is for sales success, getting your team out winning sales. Our trainer is a linguist, a sales expert with years of experience in studying buying psychology and uses NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programme), Neuro-semantics and psycholinguistics, to ramp up the skills in a fundamental and unique way for your organization. We have trained sales teams to shift their focus from selling-and-telling features and benefits, and the old-school of overcoming sales objective to becoming sales coaches to their own business.

Zenith Sales Training & Development program conducts Sales Performance Coaching & training courses as a stand-alone model or as part of a complete sales training course and so it is ideal for company of any size. Our Business coaching workshops adapt to suit your business needs.

Are you a Business Owner seeing Falling Sales Performance & Lack of Sales Motivation?

Poor company Sales Performance sits in every company, and in our experience, the main cause of this lies in the lack of understanding of the structure of buying and selling to buyers. People often cannot explain their value proposition in a way that motivates a buyer. Teach your sales team how to motivate your prospects, and you will see the impact in your sales conversions. We didn’t design language, but we know how to make it work in the sales environment through years of research and observing how language makes an impact in selling. There are many issues that every business owner has to cope with, and you may be thinking about business coaching and mentoring, but every business begins and ends with sales and so you may want to look at your sales strategy first, and see where it is falling down, what selling behaviours are getting in the way of your success. You need an action plan to improve Sales performance. And the best Sales coaches conduct a training needs analysis first, and listen to hear the story of your sales team performance in your business.

In cases like this, our training methods are preempted by a sales performance review to see what’s working and what is not. A sales performance review conducts an audit on your selling behaviours, your sales pitch, your conversion rates and where you lose the sales. Lead costs are easily offset by ‘making the sale’ using an effective playbook of best sales practices. If sales team’s conversions are low, it’s time to look at selling behaviours and build a competent sales team, who can sell with confidence, once they know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

A sales person’s confidence shines through when there is competence. Prospects will pick up on low confidence and competence, which ultimately can lead to more lost sales. A sales mentor can help bring that to your team quite rapidly.

Read about our article on “Why Strategy often gets lost in company culture”.

Our sales mentor can plan a sales performance improvement training that includes training in confidence building though developing sales competence, communication skills, interpersonal skills, change management of the sales activities, assertiveness skills to allow your team to take more risks in the sale. This will help remove barriers in to communication in your sales call and accelerate.

The program will be customized based on your current sales situation and outcome of the training needs analysis.

Our sales coach goes into deep rooted problems in sales, uncovers them and tackles them.

Here are some sales issues that we focus on

  • Helping sales teams develop the right attitude to selling and to your prospects.
  • Where sales teams communication skills are in a need of a Shake-up.
  • Your team is selling rather than helping somebody buy?
  • Where Poor Selling Skills or Lack of Understanding are hindering your sales results. We will Find out if your sales people are trying to knock the square peg into the round hole.
  • Poor Follow-Up Strategy through poor use of CRM and Sales Enablement Technology. Start discovering why people don’t buy from your team?

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Are you a Sales Manager witnessing Falling Sales And Motivation?

You run a sales team, that for various reasons is not performing well. Motivation is low and sales performance is worse. Your products are great, but your team is struggling to make the sale. Obviously there is something else hindering their sales performance.

Our sales mentor and coaching services can help you identify and rectify the problem in a combined group and in a 1-to-1 approach. We can do an evaluation of your sales pitch, selling behaviours (consultative selling & solution selling vs features and benefits selling), sales strategies and value proposition. There may simply be some unconscious issues which remained undetected and are a major cause of low sales motivation.

Falling sales results in lack of sales motivation in the team. The primary reason for low sales most of the times is due to sales people’s level of skill in getting a buyer interested and motivated to know more and want to buy.

A motivated sales rep would start thinking about why a prospect is not interested enough and how can he make them interested.

Our Sales motivation services teach sales people that sales is more than just a number game. We instill in them the probing technique and coaching skills to uncover the true motivation of a buyer. We will define how your solution can add value to prospects’ lives or business and what’s going to change for your prospects when they buy your solution?

See our KEYNOTE SPEAKER FOR CONFERENCES AND COMPANY EVENTS. Events could be focused on a range of topics around motivating your sales team.

Huge prospects lists & big sales goals can put sales reps under pressure. The fear and low motivation goes away as soon as sales reps know what actions to take and why. When we train sales reps they often tell us that they have realized that taking an action / starting to call the smallest list first reduces their anxiety immediately. The anxiety of achieving the sales quotas is worse than getting started with an action.

Get some insight into top 5 sales skills and ideas to outpace your competition. Also read about techniques to trigger a buyer’s motivation?

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Follow-On Sales Mentoring To Build Sales Motivation

We can include a follow-up session with every attendee of our Sales Training Course, and additional follow-on sessions on a quarterly or bi-yearly basis can help to dramatically boost your sales team’s confidence and continue to expand their understanding of the sales and buying process. These sessions can also help to integrate a new sales recruit into a new selling culture that your team has adopted, following the sales executive training course.

Your Sales Have Reached A Plateau

Perhaps your sales are not dropping, but you simply can’t seem to increase them either. You are working very hard to convert as many sales as possible, but you simply can’t seem to make headway. Your problem may be a disconnect between your sales approach and the customers you are trying to do business with, or simply a lack of confidence or self-belief that stops your team from up-selling the more margin-rich solutions.

As a sales mentor, delivering professional sales coaching, we help you take a step back to review your overall sales strategy, your selling behaviours, your sales language and your sales closing techniques.

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