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Sales Training, Dublin Ireland
Increase Your Sales

Choose from our Sales Training Course, Sales Presentations Training, Sales Coaching and Sales Strategy Consulting.

Team Building and Communication Skills, Dublin Ireland
Motivate and Engage Staff

Chose from our Communication Skills, Team Building Training, Presentation Skills Training and Public Speaking Skills.

Executive Coaching Dublin Ireland
Work with a Coach

Choose from Executive Coaching, Personal/Life Coaching, Team Coaching and Facilitation Coaching.

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  • Masterful Selling - Sales Training Course

    Learn how to sell – Go deep into the psychology of buying. This course is the most effective way to get your sales team using better selling techniques. This sales course will change selling behaviour in your team and create a solutions selling mindset with your team. The result – win more sales and close the deal faster.

  • Presentation Skills Training - Public Speaking Courses

    Learn how to deliver great presentations and overcome that fear of public speaking in public, giving a sales presentations or designing a Powerpoint to make an impact. In this course you will learn some key tips on public speaking and improve your presentation and communication skills in this training course.

  • Communication Skills Courses

    Learn how to communicate effectively and bring some key communication skills to your team. This training course is a practical nuts-and-bolts course on communicating with others, dealing with difficult people, and building effective team communications and good teamwork in your organisations. This can also be offered as an individual one-to-one half-day training.

  • Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

    Our executive coaching services can offer coaching to support career change, interview skills, personal development through individual coaching or team development through group coaching and group facilitation sessions.

  • Sales Mentoring & Sales Coaching

    Learn how to sell in a one-to-one mentoring and coaching setting, if  you do not wish to attend a group training course. This service is also designed for companies that want advice on any aspect of sales, sales management and customer-related sales activities. Working with a sales coach can greatly increase or sales and help you close the deal faster. We can give you the best sales tips, help improve your sales pitch and give you plenty of effective selling techniques.

  • Sales Strategy Consulting

    If your sales strategy needs an outside expert view on value positioning for your products and services, we can help. We have experience on helping companies develop their unique selling proposition, use better sales pitches and find the best sales techniques to sell  a product or service.

  • Keynote Speaker for Events

    Hire a speaker for that staff away day, sales conference, brain-storming session or to motivate staff and bring new perspectives to your staff and team. If you are looking for a key note speaker, a motivational speaker or an expert in sales, communication and motivation, we can help.

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