Coaching is about asking you questions you don’t ask yourself. Where do you want change?

Coaching can help you no matter where you are to bring change and new opportunities.

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Executive coaching, career and personal coaching

Zenith Training & Development provides a range of executive coaching services to meet the needs of individuals across Ireland and these include executive coaching, career coaching and personal coaching. We have worked with individuals on career change, interview coaching and with organisations in team and group coaching and facilitation. Once you know your outcome from a coaching engagement, we can work with you to accomplish those key performance goals from engaging with a coach. Read our article on Coaching -What Does A Coach Actually Do?

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Executive Coaching

A coaching programme for professionals, drawing on advanced NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), meta-coaching technology and psychometrics, to improve professional performance and help you change any area of your professional life.

If you are looking for ‘run of the mill’ executive coaching, where the focus is solely on success, goals and motivation then this programme is not for you. If however you are truly excited about bringing real, measurable and permanent positive change into your professional life, then talk to us.

Perhaps you’ve lost the passion you once had, or you feel somehow held back by something or, someone. Whatever the issue, we will identify the goals you wish to achieve in your working life and delve into why you, yes you, are holding yourself back.

We delve into advanced psychological and psychometric techniques to bring out your confidence and move you to feeling more in charge of your job, your career and your goals. Read more about our coaching techniques in the About Us page. In simple terms, we work with you from the inside out and remove any obstacles that are getting in the way of what you desire and help you to become the confident leader you once were or always wanted to be. In essence you will receive executive coaching and leadership coaching in one package.

Our Executive Coaching programme is for you, if you want to:

  • Improve your performance and transform your way of operating professionally
  • Attract new opportunities and enjoy permanent change
  • Find a fresh approach to getting rid of old, recurring problems and move on
  • Using your mind and thnking to get better results
  • Run your professional life and relationships from the inside out
  • Have an easier time in the business world, your career or day-to-day life

Our executive coaching program can be delivered face to face or over the phone to suit budgetary and time requirements. So all you need to do is trust the process and you will bring about permanent positive change to your career!

Career Coaching

A coaching programme for individuals, drawing on advanced meta-coaching technology, with a laser focus on career change, advancement and new career identification. We will work to identify where your career is today, where you wanted it to be and what has stopped you from getting there. This differs from Executive Coaching in that we coach you about the general career goals you have or had rather than coaching you strictly within your current role.

So if you have not reached the career goals you had set yourself or the spark you once had for your career has gone, it’s probably time you took the situation in hand and spoke to us about career coaching.

Our Career Coaching programme allows you to:

  • Explore self-limiting patterns that are blocking your progress
  • Create empowering beliefs that get you ‘moving’
  • Uncover your passion and ‘unique value proposition’
  • Develop an action plan
  • Design a personal career vision around career change
  • Take a personal profile to assist you in your career choice
  • Make your CV a best-seller
  • Upgrade your interviewing skills and learn some new interviewing techniques

Our career coaching program can be delivered face to face in a number of sessions, as a 1-day intensive coaching programme or over the phone to suit budgetary and time requirements. So if you want to change the negatives in your career and create an action plan to get you back on track, talk to us about or career coaching programme!

Personal Coaching/Life Coaching

We offer a personal coaching programme for individuals, that draws on advanced NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, with a personal focus for change in mental attitude, relationships and thought patterns.

If you are looking for more than life coaching, then you’re in the right place. We provide personal coaching for people looking to introduce solid and lasting change into every aspect of their lives.

If you find you have the same type of relationships, results, and dissatisfactions in your life, it’s because of embedded thinking patterns, habits and repetition. If what you want is change, and to discover how you CAN live your life differently, then personal coaching is for you.

We have worked with many clients to shift their lives to a higher and successful level. We know how you can do it too – you simply need to make the first move.

Our Personal Coaching programme is all about you:

  • Experience a fun, enjoyable, journey of self discovery and personal change
  • Discover the patterns you run that create your life, relationships and circumstances.
  • Discover how you do what you do, not why or what, especially if, why and what aren’t working!
  • Set new outcomes that are realistic, tangible and motivating
  • Retrain your brain to see life in a completely different way
  • Find more productive ways to live, engage with people, and move on with your life

Our personal coaching program can be delivered face to face in a number of sessions or over the phone to suit budgetary and time requirements. It can also assist clients who wish to break free of habits, phobias, smoking addictions or self-limiting beliefs. So if you want to move away from the negative, unhappy or under-performing you and move towards a happier, positive and over-achieving you, talk to us about or personal coaching programme!

Life Coaching That Works

If you want real change, then consider exploring what executive coaching can do for you and your business. The coaching sessions are designed to bring about real change in your life and so we begin by clearly establishing the goals you want to achieve. Once these are understood you will be mentally challenged, encouraged and provoked in ways that you never knew were possible. The only way that real and lasting change can be achieved is by getting right to the heart of what you want and walking you through a change process that supports your vision of what you want in your life.

At the end of a pre-determined number of coaching sessions, the goals are reviewed to ensure that they have been met and you are on your new executive, career or personal path

Zenith Training – Executive, Career & Personal Coaching That Delivers Results

Whatever your coaching needs are, why not contact us and find out how Zenith Training could help you make that career change, get that dream job interview or work on any area of your life that will lead to greater levels of fulfillment and self-actualisation.

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