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Need A Motivational Keynote Speaker?

Zenith Training & Development provides public speaking courses, it is an ideal source if you are looking for keynote speakers, speakers for client events, guest speakers or a motivational speaker.

We can provide speeches covering the following areas:

Selling Successfully – A Customer Approach

If you are organising a key sales conference or an executive workshop, Shiera O’Brien will inspire your audience, with new ideas and a different approach to selling.

Available as a 1 or 2 hour session, keynote address or expert briefing session.Are you keen to inspire your sales team and those attending your sales team events? Do you want to hear about cutting edge tools and selling techniques that will motivate your team to sell more effectively? Are you looking for a fresh approach to selling from a leading sales expert?

Selling is a science and an art. In this session, Shiera O’Brien, a leading NLP coach and sales trainer will share with you the psychology of what makes a great sales person. This session will inspire you to reach new heights and impact your bottom line and you will:

  • Learn about the mind-set of a great sales professional
  • Learn how to make selling easier for you
  • Learn about the buying experience and how it influence the sale
  • Have some fun and introduce innovative ways to sell to your customers
  • Bring some fresh new ideas to your business development team

Successful Business Networking

If you are organising an event for a membership organisation looking to expand their business through networks, or a business development team, Shiera O’Brien will share with your audience the key secrets to turning networking into business opportunities. Available as a 1 or 2 hour session, expert briefing session or workshop.

Is your network working for you? Interested in learning more about harnessing the power of your network? Want to get more out of networking events for members of your association or your business development team?

Business networking is a skill that can be learned. In this presentation, Shiera will show your audience how to transform networking events into business opportunities and will reveal the secrets of great networking.

  • How to gather information swiftly about the people at network events
  • Asking powerful questions. Using the right language
  • Learn how to present your business without selling and win new clients
  • Build great business relationships through networking events
  • It’s all about enjoyment (yes it is!) and better business results

Emotional Intelligence In Business

An Expert Briefing Session for audiences, interested in learning the key ideas around Emotional Intelligence and how to apply them in a business environment. Available as a 1 or 2 hour session, expert briefing session or workshop.

Cultivate and harness Emotional Intelligence and create an environment where success and fulfilment are more likely. By tapping into your emotional intelligence, you will build better organisations where relationships and individuals thrive.

In this inspiring session, Shiera O’Brien will share her knowledge on the key components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how it impacts on the productivity and performance of staff in all organisations. In this session, your audience will:

  • Learn how you operate your emotional intelligence in your business
  • Understand the leadership styles that foster higher levels of emotional intelligence in organisations
  • Know how to identify evidence of emotional intelligence in yourself and others.
  • Learn what creates an emotionally intelligent work environment
  • Find out how to apply EQ in your everyday business interactions