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Presentations Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training for truly effective public speaking

Zenith Training & Development provides presentation skills training and public speaking courses to help you feel more confident speaking in public and deliver better results through effective presentations. Our public speaking techniques and presentation skills training will be unlike any other public speaking course you may have been on. Although we investigate the typical techniques used by public speaking experts, we look more closely into the psychology of the presenter and the audience during a presentation and therefore explore the structure of the message and how it is given to ensure that the audience is always engaged and that you as the speaker are relaxed and confident speaking in public.

Fear of Public  Speaking or Just wanting to improve your Presentation Skills

If you have a specific public speaking phobia, we can work directly with that and show you how to overcome your fear of public speaking, by understanding how to organise and deliver your presentation so that it works for you. Read this article on fear of public speaking to learn how public speaking phobias develop and what you can do to retrain your mind on what public speaking could mean to you.

This page discusses the specific issues around presentation skills and public speaking for those wishing to speak to groups of people in a calm and confident way and remove any fear of public speaking you may have. If, however you are more concerned with effective 1-to-1 communication, team communication or team dynamics, then please visit our communication skills page.

The most common problems with public speaking

You Feel Uncomfortable and Nervous Giving Presentations Or Speaking In Public

If you hate the thought of giving presentations, then your presentations will not have the desired impact. Your audience will lose interest very quickly and ultimately you will reinforce your negative feelings. This can all be changed by attending our practical course on overcoming the fear of public speaking. We have delivered it to hundreds of people. We can teach you to enjoy giving presentations by looking at the obstacles you put in your own way and removing any ‘hang-ups’ you have about giving presentations. If you have a fear of public speaking, we can help you ease your mind and calm your nerves. We will then arm you with powerful presentation techniques and tips that will help you deliver truly effective presentations.

You Feel Lost During Presentations & Cannot ‘Read’ Your Audience

Feeling ‘lost’ when giving presentations is an indication that you simply don’t know the ‘rules’ of giving successful and effective presentations, the way a top presenter would. Our presentation skills training and public speaking courses will teach you the ‘rules’ you need to know to be able to create and deliver great presentations, while also being able to ‘read’ your audience. Armed with this knowledge you will feel more in command of your presentation and more in tune with your audience.

You Enjoy Giving Presentations, But Somehow They Are Rarely Successful

If your presentations are not well received, then there can be only one of two reasons. Either your approach is missing something or the message isn’t as clear as it could be. By approach we mean how you present the information, your vocal intonation, body language and feelings towards presenting. By message we mean the content of your presentation and how it is structured. Armed with some relatively simple fixes, you will be able to give 100% more effective presentations than you could have ever imagined. We have turned what could have been dull into interesting and engaging with some key tools you will learn on our training courses.

Your Sales Presentations Are Great, But You Are Not Able To Close The Sale

If you are tasked with giving sales presentations, and you want to be able to close sales quickly afterwards, then your presentations need to deliver the right message. Often sales presentations are based on trying to sell your own company or the features/benefits of your product or services. This approach is sure to less effective and leave your audience without the desired call-to-action that makes all the difference in making a great presentation. Our sales presentation skills courses will teach you to deliver sales presentations that truly speak to your audience and that ‘sell’ without even appearing to. We blend the skills from our sales training course with effective public speaking skills. In one day, we can transform the way you come across to your clients.

Your Presentations Are Sometimes Successful, But Sometimes Not

If you are experiencing fluctuating success from your presentations, then it is probable that you are not adapting to your audience or type of audience. You are probably delivering the same presentation in the same way to different audiences, which may hit the mark with some, while being way-off with others. Our presentation skills training will teach you to quickly ‘read’ your audience to establish their needs, allowing you to deliver a presentation to meet those needs and therefore deliver ultimately more effective presentations. All this can be achieved with some  tweaking of the content and design of your presentations.

Learn To Be Successful In Sales & Business Presentations

Whether you wish to master the art of delivering successful business presentations or you simply want to be engaging and confident with your public speaking skills, Zenith Training & Development has a program for you. The public speaking courses can be delivered 1-to-1 or in a group of up to 10 people. Furthermore, we can review your specific needs prior to the course and create a custom training course that is guaranteed to deliver the success you need in speaking in public to your clients, business peers and colleagues.

Public Speaking Skills Training For Effective Presentations Every Time

Whatever your public speaking or presentation skills training needs are, why not contact us and find out how Zenith Training could help turn you or your team into highly successful and motivated public speakers with its public speaking courses across Ireland.

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