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Public Speaking Course

Using your Presentation Skills

to Persuade, Inspire and Influence in Business

Improve your presentation skills with a simple and focused training course that gets to the core of what stops people from being good at speaking in public. Conquer your nerves and get over your fear of public speaking. Learn better public speaking skills from a seasoned trainer and Toastmaster.

What this training course aims to do

To provide course attendees with more effective skills to sell their ideas, strategies and proposals to clients or colleagues, where they can deliver a presentation with more power, influence and impact.  In attending the course, we work to increase their confidence levels in presenting at all levels in organizations, particularly in boardroom settings, where they are required to influence decisions based on their presentations.

Who is this course for?

Senior Managers, Customer-facing professionals, sales professionals, Sales Staff seeking to make more impact in their sales pitch to clients and win more business.

 Training Course Details

This presentation skills course offers you the HOW of presenting in a persuasive and influential way. Public speaking skills are exactly that; skills that can be learned. In this 1-day public speaking course, we take the participant through the course and show them how to build in confidence and skill in presenting to clients and co-workers. They learn how to win them over to any ideas. how to conduct an effective presentation in important business meetings. We do this by showing what top presenters do to create influence in their presentations, whether speaking off the cuff or using PowerPoint as a presentation tool.

How is the training course structured?

We give participants a map and compass to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible in learning these skills. This will means presenting will become easier, more rewarding, and something to look forward.

We show participants the key strategies of outstanding and well-prepared speakers and what they do differently. Participants will learn about their current strategies in their presentations how they compare and help fill in the gaps in becoming a better presenter.

We do our best to make this public speaking training course as interactive and relaxed as possible. People are encouraged and motivated to try new ways of presenting, in a safe and supportive environment. Nobody will be asked to do anything they do not wish to do. People will be made to feel as comfortable as possible. It is a learning rather than performing environment.

What will I learn on this training course?

The key strategies and techniques used by outstanding speakers overcoming fears and expectations.  Learn what TOP Presenters do to prepare for public speaking and giving presentations.

Managing the presenting state– creating positive resourceful states for yourself and your Audience (before you speak) to make the most impact. Overcoming nervous states-of-mind when speaking in public.

Mapping your presentation to convince your audience – the art of creating sign posts that influence your audience, guiding your audience to the right conclusions (structure of the information) and action following a presentation.

Answering 4 key questions inside a presentation to get the results you and how using this can have a dramatic effect on the audience response to your speech.

Building Motivation in your Audience – This is a key piece to being successful in presenting.  Learn how to ensure you have activated your audience’s motivation to buy or take action on your presentation.

Managing and Connecting with your Audience – how to connect with and engage dynamically with an audience of any size and bring everybody into the presentation experience.

Reverse Engineering your presentation to make it more memorable – The tools to making a lasting impression – The PowerPoint Tool. How to build a PowerPoint presentation that makes an impact.

Effective Use of Voice in public speaking– speaking with confidence and conviction to enhance the experience and get the response you need from your audience.

Handling Questions and Objections – thinking on your feet and staying focused on the message and dealing with tough questions from an audience.

Getting a Call to Action: After your presentation, it is important to get the audience to do something with the information you have given them. How to summarise and get a call to action from your audience.

All participants will have some individual coaching around during this training course.

Duration: 1 day, 9.30-5.00PM for in-company group training courses or half-day private training for individuals – 4 hours

Locations: Our public speaking courses and presentation skills workshops can be delivered all over Ireland from Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick to Waterford.

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