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Increase Sales by learning  Consultative Selling and Solutions Selling

Zenith Training & Development provides sales training courses and sales coaching that will teach your team how to sell by first teaching them how customers buy.  We help them by exploring the obstacles to their sales approach and improving how they sell. Here are a few things to think about in choosing a sales training course for your sales team.

Test the Quality of your Sales Training

Good sales people and their managers are always searching for new sales techniques. Many attend some form of  training only to find that they either already know the sales techniques being taught or they feel like they need to become a robot to process the formulaic approach shown.

It is little wonder, when a typical sales course tries to teach someone how to sell without investigating what is at the very core of every business meeting – the buyer and how a person approaches a prospect. This lack of understanding results in these techniques (like so many others) being forgotten a week or so after the sales training course is over. It can leave the seller at a loss as how to build a strong sales pipeline and convert the prospects they have. What may be missing the quality of your conversations and a good strategy to work with. If this is missing in your sales toolbox, our training course can help change how your team sell.

Close More Sales by Understanding Yourself And Your Buyer

If you or your team has ever experienced one or more of the following, then our selling skills training course is for you. We give you plenty of sales tips and guidance improving your close rates. We are all about the quality of the sales meetings when you get in the door:

You seem to be a passenger rather than a driver in conversations with prospects

Your meetings with customers somehow get side-tracked, you lose the deal, or you end up with more actions and no result. This course will put you in the driving seat by explaining the psychology behind how people buy and your attitudes to selling. You can then take charge of your own success.

Your quarterly sales targets are like a roller coaster ride

The training will not only help you design a strategy for close the sale, but it will also stabilise your  performance and remove those horrible, demoralising low spots. Your confidence will grow, which will create a positive feedback loop into more closed deals. This is achieved by explaining how to relate to the buyer’s needs and the buyer’s own personality, so you create a strong and lasting rapport. And how to be more systematic in your sales meetings.

You find selling hard at times

It sounds strange, but there really are people in the selling profession out there who don’t like the whole process around selling, or more specifically cold calling. Are you one of them or is there someone like this on your team? Until you understand that ‘selling’ is simply ‘talking with understanding’, then your relationship to selling will always remain the same and your performance won’t improve.

No matter how you try, the customer simply won’t buy

This Masterful Sales Course  will teach you to stop trying to sell and simply to open your eyes, ears and mind to what the buyer is saying in words and actions. You are then free to follow and even guide the buyer to the natural conclusion of buying your solution to their problem.

You can sell the base level solution, but you can’t seem to up-sell or cross-sell product

Too many sales professionals overplay the features and benefits of a product to the buyer. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but just like every product and service has multiple benefits, each buyer’s priorities are different. The Masterful Sales Training Course will help you to draw this knowledge from the buyer so you can truly sell the benefits and value that is completely relevant to them.

Your sales results has reached a plateau and you can’t get it kick-started

You can’t seem to take your sales targets to the next level and you are running hard to find new customers while your quarterly figures stand still. We can teach you how to build rapport with your clients that will link directly to better relationships and growing sales. It will teach you how to truly connect with your customers by understanding how they like to work and what value means to them Quality sales conversations are at the heart of good selling techniques.

You really don’t know what you are doing, but somehow you are doing it

You find that either you win the business or you don’t, but you don’t really know why. Sometimes you ‘hit it off’ with the buyer and other times you don’t. You find yourself talking to a bored or uncomprehending customer who then doesn’t buy. This sales training course will train you to understand what is happening during the buying process, so you can be in control all the time, every time!  Then it will help you know what to do with the customer to close the sale.

The Sales Training Solution

The Masterful Sales Training course is so-called to help our customers understand that it is a course for people serious about learning how to really sell. However its focus is not  completely on selling. It’s all about buying and how to build great conversations that get the right results.

Based around a simple key belief system of consultative selling, solution selling and above all integrity selling, it means that you sell through real understanding of the buyer’s needs. You build a rapport with the buyer, allowing him/her to relax and therefore to be more open to your questions. You are then able to sell what they truly need rather than what you ‘think’ they need to close the sale.

Through these sales technique anyone can become a sales person and any person can sell any product, with more elegance and style.

Training Course Details:

This training course is truly bespoke and built around your business needs. We never mix attendees from different companies and will train a minimum of two people up to ten people per course. The program is delivered as follows:

Review Of Your Current Sales Approach

The initial consultation can be with the business owner, sales manager or sales team. It can be conducted as an open discussion of the issues being faced or a ‘blind’ appraisal of the approach taken by your sales people. The goal of this consultation is to help us to understand the challenges you face and the areas for improvement required.

Course Delivery

The Masterful-Sales Training programme is typically delivered in a 1 or 2-day format, depending on the size of the team and the type of business. For the more conplex sale, we recommend two-days of training.  In some circumstances this can be reduced to a single day (based on the outcome of the initial consultation) or half-day sales training refresher course.

1-to-1 Follow-Up

The end of the course is only the beginning in using a completely new approach to your selling techniques. Every person will absorb the many elements of the course to different degrees, based on their personalities and each person will face different challenges in using what they have learned.

We often suggest a  follow-up sessions (normally 2-4 weeks after the course is completed), which provides an opportunity for each attendee to explore what has worked for them and what could be improved in their selling skills.

This course is a complete end-to-end solution to your sales performance issues. Unlike other courses, its structure is guaranteed to enhance your attitudes to selling and the success you achieve over the immediate and long term.

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If you want the answers to how you can increase sales performance, we suggest you avoid the promise of increases in sales with the outdated sales techniques. Book your Sales Training course and you will finally be in control of the sales process by understanding yourself and the buyer.