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What made Jobs the Selling Genius he was

Steve Job was a quantum thinker and a man living outside the box of ordinary thinking. I was always curious about the impact and sheer size of his creation. Apple, a company that came to permeate every aspect of our lives, in such a dramatic way, in just a few decades.   Jobs was famous for saying “I want to put a ding in the universe.” To me, he was a selling genius and the creative engine behind the growth of the company. He is one of my sales heros.

Think Different

In learning from people who excel in any field, I want to know how do they think? Where does their focus need to be, to create outstanding results? I have read his biography, watched his documentaries and interviews, the products launches and the movies about his life. I hoped to get an insight into what made the Apple business model so successful, aside from the obvious: elegant product design, software engineering, quality products and great marketing. It became an adventure of understanding into who made it successful and how did he do it? I hope that the sales people who are looking to “think different” might take a few ideas from here and have a different day tomorrow.   They should look at their products and business model in way they never did before and out-create their own thinking and those of their competitors, by using Jobs as a great role model.  
Thinking Holistically
Firstly, what does a Quantum thinker do different? Well, the definition of Quantum-thinking “is the ability of the mind to function at a higher level of creativity and innovation.    This level of thinking allows one to accurately envision the next generation products, services, and modes of business operation. It involves a shift from linear thinking to higher-order holistic thinking”. Using quantum thinking gives you more ways to approach a problem, sell a product and design a business model. The conventional approach or ideas will not help you out-create your market position today; nor will selling it the way you always have. Thinking about your market from a quantum perspective, is taking the helicopter view and exploring the landscape.
Apple never made price a driver of their business model. They never sell on discounts and they sell billions of dollars in products every year to the Apple tribe of loyal customers. Why is that?
Asking the unasked questions
Jobs asked questions others didn’t ask, in ways they didn’t ask. He was amongst software developers who were not yet aware of the market potential. All they wanted to do was build computers as a hobby. I am guessing that he was a great coach to himself when it came to generating new ideas, and envisioning the “ding” he wanted to put in the universe. He was the “what if “ and “how can we” entrepreneur, rather “here’s what we do” and “this is why we are doing it” thinker.  

The Dream you didn’t know you had

Steve Jobs, to me, is a great example of creativity in action; he sold the world a dream we didn’t know we had, and created a way of life we didn’t know we wanted.   Quantum thinking, again! Steve Jobs appeared to introduce the perfect creation of “ease and convenience” into life through Apple technology. In the higher view and holistic-thinking, he brought connectivity, ease and convenience to the world in a hand-held device. Life will never be the same because of the “experience” he sold to us in a box.

The Crazy Ones

This brilliant advert The Crazy Ones, narrated by Steve, says so much about his thinking. This guy was never going to be like others. He aligned Apple’s brand with those that did “think different”. Perhaps he saw himself like the people who dared to go beyond the conventional thinking of their time. The words are inspiring. You can’t ignore them and he made people pay attention differently.

The Sales Outliers e-book

The Sales Outliers e-book

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