Training and Coaching Services

Frequently Asked Questions about our Training and Coaching

What range or training courses do you offer?

We offer a range of sales training courses, public speaking courses, presentation skills and communication skills courses in Dublin and across Ireland to a range or companies and group sizes. We have provided courses for sales people, operations people, marketing and IT staff.

View our different course descriptions here and what you can learn. Sales Training Courses, Public Speaking Courses and Presentation Skills.

What is the ideal size of a group for the training?

We recommend 10 to 12 participants per training course. A larger group dilutes the learning and reduces the amount of time we can spend on group interaction and discussions.

What industries do you work with?

We have provided training courses to a range of companies, from IT, utilities, marketing, medical companies to logistics, services and public sector.  Our training course are about teaching the skills that people need in sales or in business rather than the knowledge of industry. Our trainers have had plenty of business experience to work with any company, regardless of the business. We have plenty of references of our training courses across industries, which can be provided upon request.

Where do you hold your training courses?

We provide on-site training to companies or in locations selected by client companies.  Most clients we work with provide their own training facilities to suit the team and the location of their companies. We can if required recommend various training facilities and put you in touch with these training facility managers.

Do you offer customised training courses?

Yes, we can provide training for your specific business. We have done this with many companies and successfully. To be able to do this, we would usually meet with to discuss your training needs and design the course around your needs. Each participant will complete a pre-training exercise to prepare themselves for the course and identify exactly what they wish to get from the training.

What is the cost of your training?

All of our training courses are competitively priced and would be priced according to the number of participants, the location and the level of customisation required.

How do we go about booking a training course?

We recommend you talk to us first. Call us and tell us what you key outcome is for the training course? Is it about skill set, skill level or behaviour change? This will be key to designing the course.