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Find In-company Training & Development programmes in Ireland for companies of all sizes and Industries. Companies & Corporates in Ireland look to Zenith Training for dedicated professional development of their sales teams, where they want a unique and fresh angle on selling.

In-House Training

Zenith’s in-classroom and on-the-job training of sales staff seeks to keep them engaged and motivated and relevant to their target clients.

Professional Sales Training of employees is an investment both for the employer and the employee.

Companies that run a regular Sales performance training and development courses are bound to retain employees better.

Effective Selling is our Goal

Our goal is to enable your sales teams to implement your new corporate sales strategy, by giving them effective sales call and sales meeting tools that make their conversations different and engaging.

The language of sales is the new place to upskill and see immediate results. Our professional sales training programs for corporate sales teams train salespeople to step into your buyers’ world and sell from the buyer’s side of the table.

They learn to target customers in a meaningful & differentiated way. Our sales professional development courses are designed to equip teams to strike the right conversations that create traction and action with prospects.

Sales Training for all  levels

We are one of the Corporate Training companies in Dublin that provide comprehensive Sales Courses that complement your training and development plans and positively impact the selling behavior in your sales team.

What’s different is our approach to sales? Using language psychology and conversation strategies, we cover professional sales training in its entirety. We start with a Sales Training Need analysis, so that we understand your exact requirements and expectations.

Our training need analysis method assesses your current situation, reviews your overall sales strategy, business strategy, products, target market, existing team skills and can create a complete professional development plan.

We can help your team reskill and align them with your Sales and business strategy. Here is a general overview of the Sales training programme. We call these Sales Team Training Essentials.

Soft skills Training

To utilize the maximum potential of the staff companies need to prioritize training in soft skills along with technical and educational qualifications. In-company training programs provide an all-inclusive soft skills training program.

Why are soft skills courses so important in Business Training and Development?

Soft skills training benefits are evident for any type of sales organization. It forms the basis of a collaborative Sales environment of sharing and inter-team communication for maximizing sales performance. Modern businesses today have challenges of large teams with dispersed sales force. For smooth sales and marketing operations a good collaborative, cohesive and accountable environment is required. Hence the need for a good soft skills training course that is designed for your company’s processes and environment.

It’s easier for Interviewers to identify hard technical skills of professional sales staff as they can see their background, education and credentials. It is difficult to identify soft skills.

Soft skills such as Interpersonal skills, team work, communication skills, problem solving attitude are harder to teach as they are individual personality traits. A primary requirement in sales and marketing courses especially in a Sales leadership course role is adequate soft skills training. Our Soft skills course module covers everything from Interpersonal skills to Communication Skills, Presentation skills, Change Management, Assertiveness Training and Confidence Building.

Interpersonal Skills Training

What are the interpersonal skills needed to be a complete sales professional?

List of interpersonal skills we instill in your sales team include effective communication, better coordination, team work, right actions, sales motivation & assertiveness training. We train corporate sales teams in communication and interpersonal skills that matter in a sales profession.

What is the Importance of interpersonal skills for complete professional development of sales people?

In teaching such skills the goal is not only professional growth, but improved interpersonal skills in the workplace. Good interpersonal skills improve inter-team co-ordination and most importantly Sales communication with prospects, which is an important ingredient for sales success. How Sales professionals build rapport with prospects decides if prospects will share their priorities with them.

We equip your sales teams with interpersonal qualities such as better people skills, behavioral skills and qualities that distinct them from the competition. Teams are trained to effectively utilize their people skills to bring overallpersonal effectiveness in the workplace.

B2B Inside Sales and Phone Sales training

In this training, teams learn professional sales tips and techniques to get attention of your buyers. We get started with understanding your requirements, objectives,new sales strategy, sales goals and team concerns before we design Sales Courses. Zenith’s training needs assessment process starts with evaluation and ends with a delivery. Not the other way round.

Barriers in Communication

The focus of our communication skills training is to train sales teams to self-identify their barriers and then the techniques to eliminate any kind of communication barrier.

You might be in an ongoing skills development stage, or want to implement new sales methodology and manager coaching training programs including assessments and product training.

Sales Manager Courses

Interpersonal skills are the key ingredient to become a result oriented ‘Sales Manager’. Sales Manager Courses provide complete sales management training. Courses starts with interpersonal skills development,people management skills and go up to advance professional development training that gives sales managers the ability to design a new sales strategy and develop plans for the team with a brand new learning approach. Our key differentiators in Sales Manager courses are specific training in their target market and buyer behavior, delegation skills training & managing a sales team.

People management

People management skills training is a crucial part of our sales manager course. We train managers on listening skills, influencing team members, understanding team dynamics, handling conflicts, finding solutions to sales problems, driving positive outcomes from existing team, within their scope of skills and expertise. It’s a thorough sales management and Sales leadership training.

Personal development

Our approach to sales training not only improves team’s sales performance but also targets personal development of individual members.

Critical Selling Skills & Sales Secrets

We uncover in our Selling training sessions some critical selling skills and tips. We provide sales secrets that sales people can leverage to guaranteed buyer attention. These “Secrets in Selling” Unfold Ways to Get Into Your Buyer’s World.

Training in Sales Techniques

Some Sales Secrets & Techniques are Quality of Questions, Value based selling & Finding out about Buyer Experience (Probing, Gauging, Conveying and Contributing to buyer decision making).

Buyer’s experience during the sales conversations can make or break the sale, hence these skills are especially critical when selling to informed buyers. They are also critical when Tele-prospecting in a B2B inside sales environment.

Cold calls often don’t get results just because they are cold. We teach our participants innovative ways to know their buyers as much as possible before making the cold call. That way it does not remain a cold call.

And the moment there is an engagement they are taught to use these critical sales skills of asking quality questions; questions your competitors don’t ask.

Assertiveness Training and Confidence Building in Sales

Assertive skills training is one of the most essential traits in making confident and competent sales reps. Sales reps are successful if they are confident. Confident about their company, product and themselves. The very foundation of our course content is increasing levels of assertive behavior in sales reps. We achieve this by developing their competency in assertiveness through training in assertive conversational exercises and attitudes. With competency comes confidence!

Added to that we teach participants how to become aware of situations. When they are aware, they can be assertive in conversations with prospects and as well as team members. They convey their thoughts with an assertive mindset. They know their boundaries and remain calm during challenging situations.

Account management

All your accounts need to be catered for. A sales reps concern for a client’s success brings confidence and trust in a relationship. Best account management training would first train participants on building a rapport and relationships within the account.

We train participants in key account management skills like : Time management in Sales 3 WAYS TO USE YOUR SELLING TIME WISELY (Managing multiple accounts and prioritizing),comprehension of customer needs and concerns, understanding prospects and how they communicate consciously and sub-consciously, adapting to their communication styles and lastly and most importantly asking the right questions.

We inculcate in them the Best Practices in account management.

Training based on Account Management Roles

Some sales reps are made to conduct farming activities and others are good in hunting new sales opportunities. A team member might be good in building rapport and long lasting relationships with good negotiation skills. Such type of a personality is cut out for nurturing significant revenue generating accounts. Such accounts will also need a single point of contact for all their concerns and new projects. We prepare sales team members by identifying their individual sales skills and mapping them to the right type of account management roles for best results.

Blended & Active Learning Methodology: Concepts & Application

Our professional skills training for sales people is a blended learning approach of theoretical Sales concepts and active learning. In a blended learning course sales teams participate and learn actively than just listening passively.

Our active learning methodology implements professional coaching with group exercises like live account planning activities, questionnaires and feedback.

An Active learning method increases participant’s active involvement in learning as they apply new concepts learnt. They listen & learn actively to the experiences and perspectives of a group of people of their profession. Such active learning strategies facilitate learning from experience. It encourages independent learning.

Active learning methods ramp up their communication skills, teach how to connect with customers faster, reduce sales objections and close more business.

Such blended learning strategies have a high retention value. Some techniques like sales negotiation strategies and scenarios when practiced live with instructive feedback make better improvements immediately. The biggest benefit of blended learning we see is participants’ active engagement with the training specialist and the training content.

Sales teams read, write, discuss and engage in solving problems during training sessions. They are tested for how they recall activities and apply them in real world situations.

Change Management & Corporate Leadership Training

We train your sales organization for Sales Change management; ensure they are implementing newly learnt tips and sales techniques.

Sales teams need to be transitioned and provided with all the resources, tools & support needed to participate in the change management program. New sales approach and process needs to be defined and set up for a smooth operation. Behavioral change needs to be identified and brought into the daily routine of the sales staff.

Leadership skills training ensures sales managers are taught skills to lead teams into practicing new sales strategy, new objectives and the right sales process. Our Sales managers training course teaches best practices in Change management process & people management to uphold the changed program in a team environment. It teaches managers to facilitate and absorb the changed program. They are taught to make their teams aware & prepared of the benefits and intentions of the new initiatives. Training in Change management strategies and techniques that make the team members participate willingly in a change program is the first step of an efficient implementation. Sales Managers can thus not only create a sustainable change management program but can also monitor and manage it well.

Negotiation skills Training

Our soft skills course module covers most of the basic people skills required to become a masterful seller, but we also teach negotiation skills to approach bargain buyers.

In an on-going Sales negotiation most sales people aren’t aware of how assertive they were and don’t recollect every word of the negotiation items provided by the buyer. Essentials of a Sales Negotiation skills training are interpersonal and communication skills that are used in combination to bring the desired sales outcome. We practice an active learning approach for teaching sales negotiation skills.

We teach our participants the best way to handle a bargain buyer!

It’s a 2 fold skills approach: Value based selling and a Structured approach to Sales Negotiation.

Training in interpersonal and communication skills are leveraged together to bring the desired result.

Value based selling

No buyer buys because of the price. Bargain buyers want everything or have all the excuses when they don’t see a real value in the deal. We train sales staff on developing a value in the eyes of the buyer.

Structured Negotiation skills training

We teach them to establish a negotiation handling strategy that’s embedded into your sales process. So when they are prepared; they would not get disrupted under pressure, won’t over commit and stay in control. At the same time they are trained to assertively remember to complete the negotiation handling process steps; highlight value and advantages and instill confidence in the buyer’s mind for their offering. It’s a win-win situation for the prospect and the sales rep.

B2B Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting

What’s the challenge for today’s salespeople?

With the change in technology, prospecting has changed, hence your sales process has to change. Technology and marketing has allowed B2B prospects to educate themselves about your product. A B2B sales meeting has changed from being an education session to a consultative selling exercise.

  • Does our team follow a consistent lead generation programme?
  • Do they end up having very few sales prospecting opportunities?
  • How are they talking to your customers; is prospecting turning into customers?
  • What is Lead Generation?
  • What is prospecting?
  • What is the difference?

Lead generation is an outreach process when your marketing material or a marketing message is sent out for seeking engagement from your target audience. Leads are qualified based how and how much they engage with your content or a marketing message.

The meaning of Sales Prospecting is that process which kicks off when Leads are contacted by sales reps; leads respond by email, Web or over a phone call and any further engagement happens.

We train sales people for a complete and effective sales process; Generating Qualified Leads and Sales Prospecting; to take the prospects to the next phase in the sales cycle.

If you are looking for a sales training course in Dublin that changes how your sales team talks to your customers; Get a Training needs analysis done with Zenith Training, Dublin.

Know more about sales training courses we run across Ireland, including Dublin, Galway, Cork, Waterford, talk to our trainer. For the 1-day course outline, click this link. If you wish to have a 2-day training course, please contact us.Learn more about our Private Sales Training Sessions.

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