The One-Day Sales Training Course

Sales Training Courses Dublin

On this sales training course, course attendees will learn some key skills that will help them get better results in their sales meetings, create more opportunities. They will become better at tracking whether a prospect is ready buying their product/service offering. At the end of this sales training, course attendees will understand how to sell value, cross-sell and upsell in a persuasive way. And ultimately improve customer close and conversion rates.

Who is this sales course for?

This course is suitable for all sales professionals, new to world of selling, and seasoned and experienced sales professionals.  We have had sales managers, senior sales people and new hires attend the training. There are plenty of tools in this training course that all attendees can benefit from. The feedback has been that course attendees have able to apply what they learned immediately to their sales roles upon returning to the office.

What will course attendees learn from attending this sales training?

Here are some of the key things we will you learn. This course is about showing you what’s not working, learning new behaviours and selling skills in your day-to-day sales role. Here are some things you will learn on this course.

  1. How to get create better interactions with customers, in-person and over the phone and through emails.
  2. How to identify and sell the value of product/service offering through a quality value proposition.
  3. How to get customers interested and engaged in the sales conversation
  4. How to sell your product/service in a way that helps the customer make faster decisions
  5. How your sales “structure” operates – where your focus is and its effectiveness in getting the buyer’s attention
  6. How to track and find out customer’s interest in doing business with you
  7. How to move closer to getting the sale and closing in one meeting
  8. How to use questions and language to motivate your customer to want to know more
  9. How to handle the objections by avoiding them in the first place

How is this sales training course delivered?

Our sales training courses are delivered as a blend of learning sessions (20-30 minutes), coaching sessions (group and individual), discussion groups and practical exercises using real case studies related to your own company.

The training course is conducted over a full-day with plenty of time for course attendees to reflect and apply what they learn.  It is highly interactive and allows for maximum learning with all team participants.

Where do you hold the sales courses?

We have delivered our sales training course in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Galway, Athlone. We offer the sales courses to to individuals and companies in Ireland and internationally.

Do you do public or in-company sessions?

We offer mostly in-company training courses to sales teams. This would be a customised training, where we consult with you or your team to see what you need to improve our sales. This allows to to work on your company, your product/services and your client base and make it highly relevant to your business.

What if I am looking to do the course as an individual?

If are looking to do a training course for your own personal development, we offer one-to-one private sales training for a half-day. We will help you learn the key elements of our one-day sales course. In this course you get all that you need and some sales coaching to identify the area you need to focus on. This will allow you to focus specifically on areas in your sales conversation that you want to improve.

How can I book this sales training course?

Call us and tell us what you are looking for in your sales course. This is always the best way to figure out what will work for your sales team. Click this link to fill out the Contact Form here and  we will come back to you with some ideas on designing the best course for you.