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Team Building and Effective Communication Skills Training Courses

Zenith Training & Development provides team building training and communication skills training to help teams in businesses and corporate companies across Ireland to create better teamwork and more effective communication skills.

Team Building is at the heart of good business results.  Having good teamwork and effective communication between team members and customers is key in any business, but especially so in businesses that rely on delivering exceptional service, efficient logistics support and where complex ideas need to be communicated between teams. Poor team dynamics and insufficient communication skills training can drastically impair the performance of a team and company at large.

The most common team communication problems

Low Team Morale

This is one of the most common reasons for poor performance and team dynamics and can be catastrophic to a company when it affects a pivotal team in an organisation. It is generally centred around a lack of shared and individual ownership of the company’s goals and values. In simple terms, the team don’t believe in what they are doing or why they are doing it! But is this a lack of company vision or lack of/ineffective communication of the company vision?

Zenith Training & Development can help your team of managers communicate a vision that your team members can ‘buy’ into. We can also work with your teams to take ownership of these goals and to share in the vision. Showing teams and individuals how communication works using the foundations of quality skills of rapport, listening, and speaking in a way that others can hear what you have to say is the door opener to getting more done in a team situation. We call it communication dynamics. When teams don’t work, here are some of the reations.

Lack Of Communication/Ineffective Communication

This issue can take many forms, but each one can have an serious impact on your business. You may have team members who are not communicating with each other. Departments with big ‘disconnects’ and ‘black holes’ that allow customer queries and orders to vanish. You may have customer complaints, which often can be traced back to a distinct lack of communication between people. Finally, it may be that the methods used by your team to communicate are ineffective. How can you tell if this is the case? Simple, if someone sitting close to their team member chooses to email them rather than talk to them, then that is probably poor business communication. Zenith Training & Development will work with your teams to help them understand why they are not communicating effectively and we will then teach them the effective communication skills used by successful individuals, teams and companies across the world in a fun and dynamic way.

Team Members That ‘Butt Heads’ Regularly

By this we do not mean arguments, although in extreme cases this can occur. Instead think about your organisation and team. You may be able to pick one or more people that don’t see the world in the same way you do. You may find it hard to convey ideas to them and vice versa, or for some reason there is just a lack of rapport within the team that is holding it back. In these examples it is nobody’s fault, but simply a lack of understanding of a fellow team member’s goals, values and mental programming. Zenith Training & Development will teach each team member how to ‘read’ another person and decipher how that person likes to interact with other people and the world at large. With this understanding they will be able to interact more effectively with anyone (including your customers) and create strong working rapport.

Your Team Cannot ‘Sell’ To The Rest Of The Company

Within any organisation there are a number of teams and each team has its own goals, triggers and values. When teams find it hard to communicate effectively with other teams it is typically caused by a disconnect between the message delivered by Team A and the needs of Team B. For instance, a technician will talk about features to a sales team who wants to understand the market potential for a product; or a logistics person will talk about the need to stock more products to a financial person who is trying to drive down overheads. Zenith Training & Development will help your teams to deliver more effective communication by helping them to first determine the needs of their audience. By first becoming their audience they will be able to deliver the same message, but in a way that the listeners can more easily absorb.

High Level Of Errors & Mistakes

This is typically caused by mis-communication, which can be worse than no communication. Where there is a lack of communication, an individual will normally seek out the answers for themselves. Where there is mis-communication, teams are giving each other incomplete or wrong information, which can lead projects astray, leave customers frustrated and ultimately cost the business in some way. Do you want to will help your team to understand how to create efficient and clear communication strategies based on the mutual understanding of each other, the problems and the solutions.

There is a common thread that runs through the solution to all the above issues and Zenith Training & Development has the answers that will allow your team to develop the most efficient team dynamics and effective interpersonal communication and business communication.

Team Building & Communications Skills Course

This course is delivered to any team of up to 12 people at a time. These small groups allow the instructor to help each individual within the group to examine how they communicate with others today and to explore their strengths and areas for improvement. With this knowledge in place we then show the group how to apply the skills and strategies of highly effective teams and great communicators.

This is underpinned by learning how to recognise other people’s communication styles and their own goals and values, which helps them to achieve more effective team and customer rapport.

Finally, where there is an issue of low team morale, we will help the team to understand the company goals and vision and to develop a set of shared team goals. The team will also learn how to drive the effective communication of these goals in every action they take within your organisation.

Effective Communication & Team Dynamics is the key to making your company work better.

Whatever your team building and communication skills needs are, why not contact us and find out how Zenith Training could help turn your team into a more motivated, energised and focused successful team of interconnected individuals.

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