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  • Executive coaching and life coaching blended into a programme you choose
  • Learn why coaching is now the most effective way to change and bring higher levels of doing.
  • Coaching is designed to improve among other things self-awareness, mindset, relationships and create better outcomes in any area you choose.
  • Experience our Meta-Coaching System, the most systematic approach to facilitating self-actualizing leaders, companies, and individuals
  • Resolve difficulties with coaching, empower and motivate yourself through coaching
  • Choose how you want to work with your coach in a number of coaching sessions
  • Learn how meta-coaching and neuro-semantics can bring change to you Work on your personal and professional goals
  • Work with a coach to ask you questions you don’t ask yourself
  • Work with a coach to bring greater self-awareness, clarity and decision-making
  • Learn how you operate in the world and how you can change that

Our coaching is built on one of the Meta-Coaching System, one of the most systematic approaches to coaching in the world. In this coaching, you will get to know yourself better, your patterns, your habits and also your potential in the world.

We have trained in NLP, Neuro-Semantics (how you make meaning in your world). If you want to uncover the patterns that stop you from taking action, or keep you stuck, book a session and find the core patterns you don’t know you have.

20 years of research in language, NLP, psychology and semantics will give you insights and understandings of how you work and how you can change.

NLP techniques, blended with coaching, can help you clear unproductive patterns in a healthy way.

The qualities of a good coach are built around their skill in helping their clients navigate their thinking, with deep active listing and excellent tracking ability, in a systematic way. With Neuro-semantics, it is possible to show a client 7 typical ways they pay attention to the world, their language patterns, and their thinking styles.

What make a good life coach, is a well-trained life coach in multiple disciplines who continually updates their training and learning. A good life coach will help you get clear on exactly what you want to be coached on. A clear outcome makes for quality coaching and change. If you choose a life coach or executive coach, you want to see something different at the end of the coaching engagement. Quality questions from coach can bring so much quality to your life.

What you should expect from a coaching session is a sense of structure from your coach and clear outcomes for each session. The coaching sessions is the space where you get to reflect and explore. The coach asks you questions to expand your thinking and get awareness on the area of your life you want to work on. The coaching conversations can be about clarity, planning, decisions-making,

The role of the coach is to ask you questions you don’t ask yourself in a 1-2-1 setting. With the quality of questions, you can get clear on your topic of discussion. A coach is there to pace and guide your thinking to clarity, decision-making, insights and action from your coaching session.

The structure of a coaching session is very much built on the meta-coaching system, with well-formed outcomes for the session, what do you want to be coached on, and what you will have walking out the door. Sometimes people are very unclear about what they want from the session. It can take up to 15 minutes to get clear. Then the coaching sessions will explore the current situation, what stands in the way, the patterns operating. A good coach will show you the patterns they notice, get you to reflect on them. This is the structure sitting behind a quality coaching session.

Know what you would like to get from the coaching, the area you would like coaching on. A good coach can coach you on any subject, because they are experts in the coaching process, you are experts in your life and work.

We always recommend clients be very clear on the area they want coaching on, decide if they want to invest in themselves and talk to a coach before they engage in a coaching programme. We have seen great results from 4 sessions over an agreed time-frame. Our sessions are 2 hours per session, so you have to time to relax, reflect and go deep into an area of your life you want to change. Some clients work with us over 6 months to a year and often come back a few years later. There is no set formula, yet, we suggest 4 sessions to give you the time to experience the power of coaching.

Call us on the phone number and talk directly to a coach or send us on email on the contact form.. We want you to make an informed decision and are happy to share with you the value of coaching.


15 Minutes Ago

Jill L. Communications Professional, Dublin Ireland

I have worked with Shiera a few times over the course of my career and would highly recommend her as a Coach. Through her skill in Neuro-Semantics, she can help you overcome any self-imposed limitations you may have at any stage in your professional and personal life. Her positivity is also completely infectious! I would highly recommend Shiera to anyone who wants to take a deeper look at their current career choices and look ahead to their future career path.

15 Minutes Ago

S. Ross, HR Professional, Oregon, USA

I worked with Shiera from Zenith Training last year and I was very impressed with her integrity, knowledge and professionalism. She is highly skilled as a coach and trainer and I recommend Shiera with complete confidence that she will go above and beyond your expectations with her service.

15 Minutes Ago

L. Michael Hall, Coach Trainer and Mentor, Author of over 40 books,
including The User Manual for the Brain. Colorado, USA

If you are looking for a Coach with extensive experience in NLP and in Neuro-Semantics, I highly recommend Shiera. She is both highly skilled and passionate about self-actualization of her clients. She is a graduate of the Meta-Coaching System— which is recognized internationally as having the most systematic approach to facilitating self-actualizing leaders,m companies, and individuals.

The Sales Outliers e-book

The Sales Outliers e-book

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