The people we’ve worked with – what do they have to say?

Sales Training and Coaching Client

Zenith Training gave our sales team some fantastic training in Masterful Selling over the course of a 2 day period followed by some excellent one-to-one coaching a few weeks later. Shiera O’Brien provided the training and coaching. Shiera is a gifted and inspiring coach. The skills and insight she gave us during this time has added immense value to my own personal sales approach. Since completing the sales training I can say that I have seen real and tangible results. She is very intuitive and helps you drill down into your own perception of the sales cycle. Once there she gives you the tools you need to tweak and adjust your approach and rid yourself of any bad habits you might have acquired. I could not recommend Shiera highly enough, if you feel that your team needs to freshen their approach, Shiera can get the results your looking for.

D. HughesEnergy Services Company, Dublin Ireland

Presentation Skills and Sales Training Client

We received a lot of positive feedback from employees who attended the sales and presentation skills courses. Particularly they highlighted active interaction from the trainer, useful selling tools, overall smart training style. It was said that this was the best sales training for last several years. Employees learnt many useful tips.

A.KHR Manager, Logistics Company, Dublin Ireland

Team Building and Communication Skills Client

Participants learnt experientially, through different team exercises, the key skills and techniques for communicating better within a team environment. Attendees also studied how to create more flexible team dynamics within their immediate work and social environment. The communications course also addressed the individual communication styles and their impact on interpersonal relationships with their team, focusing on the application of different communications styles within a team environment and how stronger team dynamics are created. The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland wishes to thank everyone involved who gave of their time to attend and particularly to Shiera O’Brien of Zenith who put enormous effort into delivering such a fine course.

ICCIPR, Dublin, Irelandhttp://www.islamireland.ie/events/training-for-icci-staff-and-volunteers/

Communications and Team Building Client

‘It was a pleasure to have Shiera working with the team in Dogs Trust. As the training was designed to be delivered in smaller groups it created a warm and safe environment where people felt comfortable to have a voice and work on their own development. Team dynamics are always a challenge in a workplace and this style of training not only helped team members develop their own communication style, it also helped people understand others and how to communicate more effectively with their teammates and visitors. I would highly recommend Shiera to other companies, the information and support we received before, during and after the training has been hugely useful.’

Catriona BirtOperations Manager, Dogs Trust Ireland
Sales Training Client
This sales training course allowed me (and my team) to learn that selling doesn’t have to be painful or forced for either party, but rather an exchange of information in a very easy and enjoyable process. The sales course also delivered the attitudinal permanent change that is required for long-term success. The difference it has made to our business is stunning and armed with this knowledge we foresee only goods things in our future!
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
F. DeBonisMD, The DG Group

Career Coaching and Executive Coaching Client

I was stuck, in a good way. I was in a career transition period and had put a lot of time and effort into developing a few opportunities to advance myself and career. I was then rewarded with a few opportunities coming along at the same time.  I went to Zenith Training and Development for Executive Coaching. Shiera is a true professional in this field, as not long into our coaching the clarity I so desperately craved just simply and easily appeared. Shiera has an amazing way about her. She quickly allowed me to see the big picture, my big picture, the opportunity most in line with the things that matter to me most.  After that, it became crystal clear as to which opportunity I should pursue. Almost obvious. No fear, No doubt, just a new found freedom to move forward. And with that, the little steps required to pursue that opportunity just fell into place.  I left the coaching excited and invigorated. That was 6 months ago. I am now pursuing that opportunity, and things are better than I could have imagined. I can’t believe how much has happened for me in such a short space of time. I am truly grateful.

P. TCoaching Client, Galway, Ireland

Sales Coaching Client

I had the fortune to have a one-to-one session with Shiera due to the fact my business partner was delayed in another meeting.  At the time Shiera was going through the sales process with our company, educating us how we could stand out above the competition. In our earlier encounters, I knew something was different about her approach but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, suffice to say she taught us another way to listen and observe human behaviours whilst having conversations with people. A skill-set we still use to this day . . . If ever there was a turning point in a career, then it came for me in our coaching session when I realised the only person stopping me achieving my goals was actually me! A few years on and with a company that has grown out of the recession I can faithfully say the knowledge shared with me during our sessions became the catalyst for growth . . . both for the company and also for me personally.

D.GCompany Director, Web Design Company, Dublin Ireland

Sales Training Client

“We invited Zenith Training & Development in to retrain our Sales Team and ramp up our sales and strategy in selling. The results we had were excellent and immediate; with a much more motivated sales team, we are able to close sales more rapidly and won us clients we had been pursuing in the previous weeks. Our sales team loved the course and started putting the sales training it all into practice straight away, with excellent results. We got our return on our investment within ten weeks. Zenith Training really understands our business and what our sales team needed to take them to the next level. This course was outstanding and I believe every sales team needing a fresh and dynamic approach should take this training!”

N. EmmettSales Director 11890

Sales and Career Coaching Client

Shiera has a wonderful way of helping you understand how to sell real value to your clients that moves way beyond any product selling. She helps you to think like your buyer and know what it takes to bring them to the point where they are ready to buy from you. I found working with Shiera changed the way I sell to clients. I now find myself connecting better with them, understanding their world much better and confidently leading the sales conversation. I find I am more in tune with clients as the quality of my questions has improved. I found working with Shiera to be very beneficial and I would highly recommend her executive coaching services.

C.O’SExecutive Coaching Client, Dublin Ireland

Sales Training Client

This training course was absolutely fantastic at illustrating how people go about making buying decisions and how you can tailor your sales process to help your clients to buy from you. With my new sales process I can now get right to the heart of my clients true needs and the whole process takes about half the time that it used to. My sales process is now very natural. The results? More clients, of better quality and with less effort. A great training course!

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Richard Boate, MDEasyDoesIt Accounting

Sales Training Client

We worked with Zenith  Training and Development on a number of projects with various clients who all needed to improve sales performance. These sales  courses really changed the way they approached business development for the better. Great professionals who deliver. I highly recommend Zenith Training to anyone who needs to re-engineer the way they sell.

Peter NolanMD, Nolan and Associates

Life Coaching Client

Go into a room with Shiera and I promise that you will come out inspired, enthused and and focused on whatever it is you want to achieve. She is one in a million and I can’t recommend her highly enough for life coaching.

G. GriffenAdvertising Industry, Dublin Ireland

Sales Coaching and Executive Coaching Client

Shiera was absolutely superb in her coaching! She helped me turn around my selling ability and make my targets. Not only that she continually motivated me and kept me going and made me believe that everything was an opportunity for the taking in both my personal and professional life. Everytime I met with Shiera and even to this day I come away revved up and ready to knock people’s socks off. Her enthusiasm and drive is infectious!”

M. Power Business and Executive Coaching Client

Sales Training

Shiera is energetic and passionate about Sales Training and Development. I can honestly say her methods and teachings have been more than just “helpful” to StaffBalance. Shiera has helped us to improve our sales process. She is entertaining, informative, and personal in her training sessions. Shiera is enthusiastic, energetic, challenging and expert at her job.

C. McGowanMD, Staff Balance

Sales Training

This sales training course has been a fantastic help in focusing our sales team on key aspects of selling, we were not implementing. It really opened our eyes to our performance with clients. This course was well-worth the investment – we are now ahead of our quarterly sales targets for the first time in a while.

M. RodgersMD. Sales Training Client, Dublin

Sales Training

My sales have improved since taking this sales training course by 30%. My confidence during telephone conversations has been restored and I have real confidence in what I do overall.

J. DonnellyBusiness Development Dublin, AlphaccIT Solutions

Business Coaching

Shiera’s workshops receive fantastic reviews from our members. This is down to her ability to transform a room of quite nervous people quickly into a buzzing room of networkers. She quickly puts everyone at ease, while giving them to tools to promote their business. We are delighted with her training courses and would have no hesitation in recommending Zenith Training and Development.

A. RyanMembership Development Manager, Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Sales Coaching and Sales Mentoring

Zenith Training gave me great insight into how to approach new clients and find out what they wanted from their Auditor, Accountant and Tax Advisor by getting them to describe their particular situation, needs and requirements. She provided a list of key situations and appropriate questions to draw the client’s attention to focus on their needs and gave us the opportunity to find out how we could we could then service those needs with our work. As a result the client is left with that comfortable feeling of being looked after and all of their requirements having been addressed by us and very satisfied.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

P. Lane Managing Director, FixMyTax.comFixMyTax